Thursday, 30 November 2017

National Rhythmic Group League

Following qualification at a seeding event in March, four of our groups qualified to compete in the National and Elite group leagues. 

After competing in all three rounds and medalling at British Championships in July, the final round saw some impressive performances from Esprit’s gymnasts.

The Espoir National Group of Jenna Saunders, Zofia Pisarek, Grace Hatherall and Tilly Kinge took 2nd place. 

Esprit’s Elite Espoir Group of Eden Beckhelling, Jessica Jane Edmonds, Lorena Crossman and Olivia Morris came 4th.

The Junior Group of Madison Kennelly, Hannah Dagg, Abi Booth, Lily Gage, Georgette Jeapes and Miriam Rodrigues were 3rd.

The Senior Group consisting of Ellie Morse, Katy Coleman, Erin Robinson, Stefanie Vitale Richardson and Maya Lucas further impressed with an excellent 1st place.

Friday, 10 November 2017

City of Bristol Invitational 5 November 2017

A visit to City of Bristol Gymnastics, for the second Acro competition in as many months, for our young gymnasts, returned an impressive result.
Woman’s Pair (Grade 3 NDP saw 11 year old Lydia Mulvey (Base), along with partner Natalia Gilbert 10 (Top), score an impressive 17.35 and a Gold medal winning first place.
Well done gymnasts, excellent result in only your second ever competition!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Great Britain Squad Training

Have a great time Alisa, Cara and Eirlys, who are at a GBR Espoir Squad at Lilleshall. 

Huge congratulations to Eirlys for retaining her place and to Cara and Alisa for being selected for the 2017-2018 squad.

Enjoy ladies

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Artistic - Halloween Competition 22 October 2017

It was medals galore for Esprit’s young Artistic gymnasts, at Melksham’s Halloween ‘spooktacular’ competition!
With gymnasts competing from clubs across the UK, all of Esprit’s young Artistic gymnasts competed very well, especially as it was their first ever competition!!!
Well done gymnasts, we’re very proud of your attitude and hard work - from all your coaches
Results and position in age group.
Round 1 - (23 gymnasts competing)
Maria Adamik - 1st Overall, 1st on Vault, 2nd Beam, 1st Floor.
Isabelle Elliott - 2nd Overall, 1st Vault, 3rd Bars, 3rd Beam, 3rd Floor.
Kaitlyn McClure - 6th Overall, 3rd Vault, 3rd Floor.
Sophie Carpenter - 7th Overall
Ellie Bennet - 8th Overall
Tamsin Govier - 4th Overall, 1st Bars, 2nd Floor.
Libby Morris - 5th Overall, 3rd Vault, 3rd Floor.
Lily Hazell - 6th Overall, 3rd Bars
Ceci Rose Fisher - 7th Overall, 3rd Beam.
Shania Williams - 7th Overall, 3rd Vault.
Round 2 - (17 gymnasts competing)
Sally Sparks - 4th Overall, 2nd Vault, 1st Floor.
Yusma Magar - 5th Overall, 3rd Beam.
Imogen Austin - 7th Overall.
Sienna Iles - 8th Overall, 2nd Floor.
Elisia Inchley - 8th Overall.
Laila Iles - 6th Overall.
Round 3 - (14 gymnasts competing)
Kitty Elliott - 7th Overall.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Mike Walker Acrobatic Invitational - 7 October 2017

11 year old Lydia Mulvey was teamed up with Natalia Gilbert, (10) in the Grade 3 National, Women’s Pairs section and performed their routine for the very first time in competition.
Acro coach Nikita Sukhanov said “the girls performed a very nice, clean routine, scoring 25.2 and I was pleased with their attitude and commitment, they should be proud of their achievement”.
A fine start for a new discipline and we are sure there will be many successes for these girls and the other Esprit Acro gymnasts currently in training.
Fantastic job ladies!

Thursday, 3 August 2017


Elite Espoir Group - Eden Beckhelling, Jessica-Jane Edmonds, Lorena Crossman and Olivia Morris, qualified for two finals finishing 5th in Free, 3rd in hoop and 4th overall.
Elite Junior Group - Abi Booth, Miriam Rodrigues, Lily Gage, Hannah Dagg, Georgette Jeapes and Madison Kennelly finished 5th overall but qualified for the rope final and won silver.
Elite Senior Group - Maya Lucas, Katy Coleman, Steffanie Vitale-Richardson, Ellie Morse and Erin Robinson 2nd In Hoop, 1st in Rope and Ball and 1st overall, winning the British Senior Group title for the fifth year running.
Fantastic job ladies!


With several of Esprit’s Individual Rhythmic gymnasts having qualified for this years British Championships, held at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, it was a fantastic weekend of action and medal winning performances.
At under 10 it was a fabulous one/two for Esprit with Cara 1st overall and Eirlys 2nd. This meant they both qualified for the apparatus finals and went on to claim several more British Championship medals.
In Ball, Eirlys was 2nd with Cara 3rd, in Free Eirlys claimed 1st place with Cara in 2nd and finally with the Rope, Eirlys was 1st, Cara 2nd.
In the Senior category, Stephani was 4th overall, qualified for all apparatus finals and went on to claim 2nd with her Hoop, 3rd with both Ball and Clubs, plus 6th in Ribbon.
Stephani was then presented with a Master gymnast award, recognising her standing as one of Britains top gymnasts.
It was then announced that the person that had made all the gymnasts success possible, was to receive her own award.
Esprit’s head coach, Deb Hows was presented with a MASTER COACH award, to recognise the years of dedication and success she has achieved in the sport of Rhythmic gymnastics.
Well done gymnasts and well done Deb for becoming a Master Coach!


This year our Display team were asked to perform at the British Championship Series Gala evening.
18 of Esprit’s display team traveled to Liverpool to perform on social media, in the Echo Arena’s Auditorium.
Whilst they were there they met Claudia Fragapane and Ellie Downie and even managed, to not only get selfies with Claudia, but a team photo as well.
Well done on your performance girls - Cherie & Clarice


At this years English Championships, held again at the GMAC Centre in Birmingham, Esprit Individual Rhythmic gymnasts performed well, with some impressive results.
In the under 9 age group Isabella came 2nd overall, 2nd in Free and 6th in Hoop.
The under 10 category saw Cara 2nd overall and Alisa 3rd. In Rope Cara was 2nd and Alisa 3rd, whilst in Ball Cara was 2nd and Alisa 6th.
In the seniors, Stephani was 3rd overall, 3rd in Hoop, Ball and Clubs and 4th in Ribbon.
Well done all of you.


July began with the Welsh Open Championships and with 41 gymnasts competing at Level 1 for those under 10, Esprit did exceptionally well – Coco was 2nd with Amelie 5th, Eloise 8th and Iori 15th.
At Level 3 - Arabella came 5th in Rope and 7th in Ball.
At Level 4 Isabella was 1st with her Free routine with Alisa 5th. In Ball Alisa was 3rd and in Hoop Isabella was 2nd.
In the Level 5 competition Eirlys competed in the closed Welsh competition making her eligible to compete for an overall title - this she won making her the Welsh U10 champion.
She also claimed 1st place in Free, Rope and Ball in addition to the overall title.
Cara, also at Level 5 was 3rd in Free, 3rd in Rope and 2nd in Ball.
Well done girls - Deb


On the 8th July 6 Groups travelled to Shoreham-on-Sea to represent Esprit and returned with some impressive results.
Our youngest competitors, Ella Wellfair, Sienna McAlistair, Diana Horton, Rinco Taekamura and Amy Reed, all aged just six or seven, took part in the Level 1 Group Competition, which was the Caterpillar Cup, and came 1st, winning Gold for Esprit.
At Level 3 Espoir Group, Keira-Leigh Jennings, Florence Williams, Zoe Reed and Jasmine Smith, also came 1st Place.
Our Level 4 National Espoir Group, Grace Hatherall, Tilly Kinge, Zofia Pisarek and Jenna Saunders, also came out on top, winning another Gold, whilst our Level 5 Elite Espoir Group, Eden Beckhelling, Jessica-Jane Edmonds, Olivia Morris and Lorena Crossman, won Gold in Free and Silver in Hoop.
Esprit’s Junior Level 5 Elite Group, Miriam Rodrigues, Abi Booth, Georgette Jeapes, Madison Kennelly, Lily Gage and Hannah Dagg, also won Gold in Rope and Silver in Clubs.
The Senior Elite Group, Maya Lucas, Ellie Morse, Katy Coleman, Steffanie Vitale-Richardson and Erin Robinson, finished the medal haul for Esprit by claiming Gold in Hoop and Silver in Ball & Rope.
You were fab and we are very proud of you all. Cherie.


The start of a very busy and successful Summer for Esprit’s Rhythmic gymnasts, saw some of the clubs youngest Individual gymnasts make the trip to the annual Bath Open.
In the Level 1 Under 8 category, Amelie was 1st with her Free routine, with Eloise in the 3rd position.
At Level 1, Under 10’s, again with a Free routine - Coco was 1st with another Gold medal and Iori was in 7th position.
In the Level 3 U12 section Arabella claimed 1st in Ball and 6th place in Rope to achieve overall 4th place.
Finally was Level 4 for under 10 year old’s, with Alisa claiming a 1st in Free and 1st in Ball to achieve 1st place in the overall competition.
Impressive performances, well done girls - Deb

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Well done to Esprit's Rhythmic Group in Bath!

Esprit travelled to the Bath Open on Sunday 11th June with its Group gymnasts and returned some impressive performances.

Level 3 Espoir Hoop Group -  Jasmine Smith, Keira-Leigh Jennings, Florence Williams and Zoe Read - 1st Overall.

Level 4 Espoir Hoop Group - Grace Hatherall, Tilly Kinge, Zofia Pisarek and Jenna Saunders - 1st Overall. 

Level 5 Espoir Group -  Eden Beckhelling, Jessica-Jane Edmonds, Lorena Crossman and Olivia Morris - 2nd Overall.

Level 5 Espoir Hoop  - 3rd 

Level 5 Espoir Free - 1st

Junior Group Level 5 -  Georgette Jeapes, Madison Kennelly, Abi Booth, Miriam Rodrigues Hannah Dagg and Lily Gage - 1st with Rope; 1st with Clubs and 1st Overall. 

A massive well done to all the girls who competed.


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Good Luck Stephani

Good luck to Stephani Sherlock who has travelled to Berlin this weekend, along with team mate Mimi, to represent Great Britain in the World Challenge Cup.
Have a great competition!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Well done!!!

Well done to Cara, Alisa and Isabella who have been selected for the English Aspire squad.
Good luck to Cara, Alisa, Stephani and Isabella who all travel to Birmingham this weekend to compete at the English Championships, after qualifying earlier this year.
Good luck and well done to Stephani and Eirlys who both travel to the Vitry cup in Spain this weekend.
Stephani is representing England as a part of the England Commonwealth Games squad and Eirlys is representing Wales as a member of the Welsh national squad.
Well done ladies have a wonderful weekend

Saturday, 10 June 2017

2017 National Grades Finals & Round 1 Group National and Elite League - Friday 2 to Sunday 4 June

Massive congratulations to all the gymnasts who travelled to Stoke on Trent for a very long but successful competition. 
They all had to qualify for this weekend through group seeding or Individual zonal grades and Esprit's reigning British Champion, Stephani also competed as a part of the Great Britain, Worlds selection programme.


Alisa - National Grade 5 Overall Champion and National Grade 5 Free Champion.

Isabella - National grade 4 overall 2nd place and National Grade 4 Free Champion.

Espoir Silver Group - Zofia Pisarek, Tilly Kinge, Jenna Saunders and Grace Hatherall - 1st place National Espoir League.

Espoir Gold Group - Eden Beckhelling, Lorena Crossman, Olivia Morris, Jessica Edmonds  - 2nd place Elite Espoir League.

Esprit Junior Group - Miriam Rodrigues, Madison Kennelly, Georgette Jeapes, Lily Gage, Hannah Dagg and Abi Booth - 4th place Elite Junior League.

Esprit Senior Group - Maya Lucas, Ellie Morse, Katy Coleman Steffanie Vitale-Richardson and Erin Robinson - 1st  Elite Senior League and 1st Overall.

Well done all of you,

Deb and Cherie

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Congratulations Cara...

...on your invitation to train with the Great Britain National Espoir Squad, 10-11 June, at the Lilleshall National Training Centre.
Well done and have a great time!

Friday, 19 May 2017

European Championships 2017

Good luck to Stephani, who has now completed her final training at the European Championships arena and along with team mate Laura will be representing Great Britain today, in day 1 of the competition.

We are all thinking of you Stephani and we really proud of you.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Well done to Esprit’s Junior Rhythmic Group, for representing GREAT BRITAIN at Miss Valentine in Estonia and the Aphrodite Cup in Athens.  

The girls did really well and are looking forward to more international competitions in the future.  

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Rose Cup 2017

Congratulations to Amelie, Eloise, Coco and Arabella, who all represented Esprit Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Rose Cup in Northampton, in their first individual competition.
All of the girls competed well with Amelie - 6th in Free; Eloise - 8th in Free; Coco - 2nd overall, with a Silver medal in Hoop and Arabella - 10th in Ball and 3rd with a bronze medal in Rope.
Really well done for your performances and results.

Friday, 5 May 2017


Isabella, Eirlys, Alisa and Katy all travelled to Wigan on the 29th April to represent Esprit Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Congratulations to all girls who did a fab job and had great results.
Isabella - Bronze medal u9 free routine
Eirlys - Gold medal u10 Free and Silver medal u10 Ball
Alisa - Silver medal u10 Free and Bronze medal u10 Ball
Katy - Bronze medal Senior Clubs

Well done Ladies


Good Luck Stephani

Good Luck to Stephani who is representing Great Britain this weekend at the Sofia World Cup in Bulgaria and massive congratulations for being selected to represent Great Britain at the European Championships later this month.


Well done Eirlys!

Congratulations to Eirlys, (left, photographed with team mate Elizabeth)for competing at her first international, representing Wales in Serbia. 
She came 10th in Free and First in Ball.
Really well done.