Thursday, 10 November 2016

Welsh Group Invitational

On Saturday 22nd October 2016 Esprit’s Group Squad competed in Cardiff at the Welsh Group Invitational and achieved great results with some amazing performances.
Level 3 Espoirs - Zofia Pisarek, Tilly Kinge, Maddie Williams and Grace Hatherall competed Hoop Group and won Gold and a trophy for overall.
Level 4 Espoirs - Lorena Crossman, Jenna Saunders, Olivia Morris, Arabella Sear-Watkins  and Georgia Headlong won Silver for Hoop group.
Junior Silver - Lily Gage, Madison Kennelley, Hannah Dagg, Georgette Jeapes, Eden Beckhelling and Joanna Rosowska won  Silver in Ball , Bronze in Clubs and Silver overall.
Junior Pink - Abi-Jae Booth, Taylor Toyn, Isabelle Everett, Shanniah Stevens and Miriam Rodrigues won Gold in Ball, Silver in Clubs and Gold overall taking the overall trophy.
Senior Group - Ellie Morse, Erin Robinson, Gemma Lewis,Katy Coleman and Steffanie Vitale-Richardson won Gold in Ribbon, Hoop and Clubs as well as Gold overall, taking the overall senior trophy.

Well done to all of you from your coaching team.