Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Grades succes for Artistic gymnasts

Several of Esprit’s Artistic Squad gymnasts made the long trip to Plymouth on 4 December, to undertake their Club or Regional Grades testing.
All the girls who travelled returned with excellent passes, and good grades. 

Well done all of you.


   26 November saw Esprit’s Artistic girls compete in the final round of the West Country League against many of the regions best clubs!

In the ‘B’ League, Eloise Johnson, Emily Broadfield, Jayne Hughes, Tess Armstrong, Katie Francis & Annie Lloyd all competed well earning themselves 3rd on the day.

This was enough to secure first overall in the league and West Country ‘B’ League Champions for the second year!!!

In the ‘A” League, Sally Armstrong, Lily Young, Phoebe Young, Elise Haines, Neve Porton, Libby Tremblin, Carwen Byron & Ashleigh Olley finished overall first on bars and third on vault. 

This earned them a respectable 4th place on the day and overall through out the three matches.

Neve competed a handspring tuck front, free cartwheel and flick on beam. Carwen, a round off flick, tuck back, flick on beam. Sally, a round off flick, tuck back.

Phoebe, Elise and Ashleigh all competed a forwards walkover on beam, whilst Libby, performed her upstart on bars. 

All skills performed in competition for the first time - well done everyone!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Welsh Group Invitational

On Saturday 22nd October 2016 Esprit’s Group Squad competed in Cardiff at the Welsh Group Invitational and achieved great results with some amazing performances.
Level 3 Espoirs - Zofia Pisarek, Tilly Kinge, Maddie Williams and Grace Hatherall competed Hoop Group and won Gold and a trophy for overall.
Level 4 Espoirs - Lorena Crossman, Jenna Saunders, Olivia Morris, Arabella Sear-Watkins  and Georgia Headlong won Silver for Hoop group.
Junior Silver - Lily Gage, Madison Kennelley, Hannah Dagg, Georgette Jeapes, Eden Beckhelling and Joanna Rosowska won  Silver in Ball , Bronze in Clubs and Silver overall.
Junior Pink - Abi-Jae Booth, Taylor Toyn, Isabelle Everett, Shanniah Stevens and Miriam Rodrigues won Gold in Ball, Silver in Clubs and Gold overall taking the overall trophy.
Senior Group - Ellie Morse, Erin Robinson, Gemma Lewis,Katy Coleman and Steffanie Vitale-Richardson won Gold in Ribbon, Hoop and Clubs as well as Gold overall, taking the overall senior trophy.

Well done to all of you from your coaching team.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Congratulations Eirlys

Massive Congratulations to Eirlys, who earlier this year became the U9 British Overall Champion and the U9  British Champion in Free and Rope. 

She has also, just been selected for the Great Britain Espoir National Squad, following a trial in 

Brilliant results, well done - 
Deb and the coaching team

Thursday, 28 July 2016


Good luck and best wishes from everyone at Esprit to Deb, Cherie all the Rhythmic coaching team and of course our amazing gymnasts at this weeks British Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

Follow the action here...

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Want to join Esprit?

We now have an on-line registration page on our website where you can register your interest.

Just go to our website and click on the 'JOIN' button or follow this link...

We currently have space in our pre-school classes and very few spaces in over 5, over 7 and over 10 years.

If we don't have space, we will let you know as soon as we do, no need to keep phoning any more (whoop)!

Please feel free to share with all your friends.

2016 English Championships

Congratulations to Stephani, Gemma, Leah, Alisa, and Cara, who all travelled to Birmingham to compete in this year’s English Championships.

To qualify for this prestigious event, the girls had to pass BQT and/or medal at the National Grades finals and made the most of doing so, with fantastic results from all the girls.

Stephani became Senior overall English Champion and the English Senior Champion on all four apparatus - Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon!

Gemma was 6th overall in the overall Senior Championships with a 7th in Hoop, Clubs and Ribbon as well as 4th in Ball.

Cara was 4th Overall in the Under 9’s, with a 5th in Rope and 3rd in Free.

Alisa, again in the under 9’s was 3rd Overall with a 4th in Free and 2nd in Rope.

Finally Leah, in the under 10’s, was 3rd Overall, 5th in Hoop and 3rd in Free.

Congratulations to all of you, fantastic results.


Friday, 8 July 2016

Good Luck Stephani

Stephani - 2016 English Champion
Good luck to Stephani, who has recently been crowned Senior English Overall Champion and champion on all four individual pieces (clubs, ball, ribbon and hoop).

She travels to Kazan in Russia to represent GBR at the Kazan World Cup, along with Ruth as the GBR coach.

From Deb and the team.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Group League and Individual National Grades

Group Seeding and National Grade Finals
June 24th – 26th 2016.

Many of the Esprit Rhythmic competition team travelled to Stoke on Trent last weekend to compete at the Group League, Round 1 and Individual National Grades finals.

For the group girl’s qualification to the group league, was via a seeding competition at the beginning of the year and for the individual girls qualification was via regional grades in April.

The standard of competition was extremely high, with many groups having qualified for the British Championships and with some of the top individual gymnasts in the country competing.

All of our gymnasts did really well to qualify for the competition and all produced great performances.

Congratulations to all of the girls, it was a pleasure to take you away to the competition.

Deb & Cherie


Olivia, Lorena, Georgia & Jenna (Espoir group) = 10th place.
Madison, Leah, Eden,, Lily & Hannah (Junior silver group) = 4th place.
Taylor, Isabelle, Miriam, Joanna, Abi & Miriam (Junior pink group) = 3rd place
Ellie, Maya, Gabriela, Erin, Gemma & Katy (Senior group) = 2nd place.
This was massive achievement and as Maya was injured just before warm-up and unable to compete, Erin had to step in at the last minute for the ribbon group.

Katy – Grade 10 = 5th place overall.  2nd Hoop, 8th Clubs, 8th Ribbon.
Lily – Grade 6 = 7th overall, 6th Hoop, 12th Ball.
Cara – Grade 4 = 1st overall, 1st Rope, 5th Free.
Alisa – Grade 4 = 2nd overall, 2nd Rope, 3rd Free.

Thursday, 30 June 2016


Good luck to Laura, who travels to Berlin with Jo Coombs to represent GBR at the Berlin World Cup.

Have a great time Laura and we are all thinking of you.
From Deb and the team

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Scottish Championships 2016

Esprit’s elite Rhythmic Competition Squad recently made the long trip to Edinburgh and the Scottish championships.

Our team consisted of:

Silver Junior Group – Lily Gage,  Eden Beckhelling, Leah Hammersley, Hannah Dagg, Madison Kennelly. 

Pink Junior Group – Taylor Toyn, Abi-Jae Booth, Shanniah Stevens, Isabelle Everett, Miriam Rodrigues, Joanna Rosowska. 

Senior Group – Ellie Morse, Maya Lucas, Gemma Lewis, Katy Coleman, Erin Robinson

U9 – Cara Mackay, Alisa Wellfair, Eirlys Jones. 

U10 – Leah Jowdie.

U11 – Lily Moore. 

Seniors – Katy Coleman and Gemma Lewis.

Having Scottish heritage, Katy was also eligible for the Scottish Championships, meaning she could also compete for the National title and overall medals.

All the Girls returned with amazing results, but a big congratulations to Katy Coleman – Scottish Senior Champion.

well done to all! A great team spirit from all parents and gymnasts as well as fabulous results -

Deb and Cherie

Silver group – GOLD
Pink group – SILVER
Senior group – GOLD
Eirlys – U9 GOLD
Cara – U9 SILVER
Alisa – strong performances, just missing out on 3rd place.
Leah – U10 GOLD
Lily – U11 GOLD
Katy - overall GOLD; Ribbon - GOLD, Clubs - GOLD, Hoop - GOLD & SCOTTISH CHAMPION!!!
Gemma – SILVER

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Wellingborough - Annual Rose Cup 2016

On Sunday the 22nd May two Espoir groups travelled to Wellingborough to compete in the 10th annual Rose Cup.

Grace Hatherall, Zofia Pisarek, Tilly Kinge and Maddie Williams competed in the Level 3 section. For three of them it was their first group competition and they did amazingly well, taking 1st place.  

Olivia Morris, Jenna Saunders, Lorena Crossman, Arabella Sear-Watkins and Georgia Headlong, all competed in the level 4 competition and came 4th, losing out on a 3rd place position by only 0.2 of a mark.

Well done to all of you!
Cherie and the coaching team.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Canterbury Zonal Grades 2016

A big WELL DONE to all the gymnasts who travelled to Canterbury to compete in the 2016 Zonal Grading competition recently.
Excellent results were achieved by all the girls.


Grade 4
FREE - Eirlys, Silver - Cara, Bronze - Alisa 7th
ROPE - Eirlys, Silver - Cara & Alisa joint Bronze
OVERALL - Eirlys, Silver - Cara, Bronze - Alisa 4th
Grade 6
HOOP - Lily, 4th
BALL - Lily, Bronze
OVERALL - Lily, 4th
Grade 10
CLUBS - Gemma, Silver - Katy 5th
HOOP - Gemma Gold - Katy 4th
RIBBON - Gemma, Silver - Katy, Bronze
OVERALL - Gemma, Silver - Katy 5th
Grade 5
FREE - Leah, Bronze
HOOP - Leah, Silver
OVERALL - Leah, Bronze
Grade 8
CLUBS - Alina, 5th
ROPE - Alina, 5th
HOOP - Alina, 8th
OVERALL - Alina, 5th

Well done girls,
a very successfull day!

Friday, 22 April 2016

North West Rhythmic Championships

Congratulations to the following gymnasts who all travelled to Wigan, to compete at the North West open Championships.
Alisa, Cara, Eirlys, Leah, Lily, Alina, Katy and Gemma.

Everyone produced good routines and well done to those girls who were placed on the podium.

Well done ladies good results from every gymnast and good luck to all the girls, who travel to Canterbury, for their next competition.

North West Championships - Results
u9 - Rope: Gold - Eirlys; Silver - Alisa; Bronze - Cara
u9 Free: Silver - Cara, Bronze - Eirlys
u9 Overall Championships: Gold - Eirlys; Silver - Cara; Bronze - Alisa
u10 - Free: Silver - Leah
u10 - Hoop: Bronze - Leah
u10 Overall Championships: Bronze - Leah
u11 - Hoop: Silver - Lily
u11 Overall championships: Bronze - Lily
u13 - Alina, 6th overall, Rope & Clubs 6th; Hoop 5th
Senior - Hoop: Gold - Joint Katy and Gemma
Senior - Ribbon: Gold - Gemma
Senior - Clubs: Gold - Gemma
Senior Overall Championships: Gold - Gemma; Bronze - Katy

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Good Luck for Apparatus finals and Group seeding.

Good luck to all of the Esprit Rhythmic gymnasts travelling to Stoke on Trent this weekend, for National Individual apparatus finals and group seeding for 2016.

From Deb Cherie and Ruth

Good Luck Laura

Good luck to Laura, who travels to Lisbon to represent GBR at the Lisbon World Cup this weekend.

From Deb and the Team 

Well done Stephani

Well done to Stephani who has just returned from Greece, representing GBR at the Aphrodite Cup in Athens. 

Congratulations for making clubs finals and first reserve ribbon final.

From Deb and the Team

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

WIltshire Teams March 2016

Esprit’s Artistic girls impressed again at the weekend with some excellent results at the Wiltshire Teams event.

In the under 9 category it was team Silver for Sally, Carwen and Neve. 

Individual achievements were Sally, who competed her first ever Round Off on Beam. Carwen with her Bar routine, that included both a low and high bar Upstart, plus Neve with her first ever Floor routine to music in competition!

It was even more impressive that, with only the three best scores to count, all three girls had to work exceptionally hard to achieve their result, against other teams with 5 or more competitors. 

And work well they did, with all three girls finishing in the top 5 of their age group.

In the 13 and under age-group Ellie, Kieara, Jayne and Annie again impressed with an excellent Team Bronze.

Notable achievements included Jayne, who scored the highest individual score of the entire day. Annie, with the highest Vault score of the day and Jayne following her with a fantastic 2nd.

In addition to this both Ellie and Kiera both completed a new skill on Beam (a Round-Off), which they both stuck, whoop!

Keep it up girls and well done to the coaching team - we are very proud of you all!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Gemma & Katy fly to Poland.

Well done Gemma and Katy, who represented Esprit rhythmic gymnastics in Poland last weekend and travelled with Ruth as coach.

Thanks also to Laura Donaldson for giving up her time to judge for Esprit.

Excellent results and a good time had by all!

Gemma 3rd overall and 3rd in her free routine. Katy 4th overall and 4th in free.

Well done girls - Deb, Ruth and the Team

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Good Luck Katy and Gemma!

Good luck to Katy and Gemma travelling to Poland with coach Ruth and Judge Laura, to represent Esprit RGC this weekend.
Have a brilliant time and enjoy the experience.
Deb and team

Monday, 29 February 2016

Well done Laura!

Laura has just returned from Finland representing Great Britain at the Espoo World Cup.

Well done Laura on your performances and straight back to work at the National Training Centre in Wales ready for your trip to the Lisbon World Cup soon.

From Deb and the Team.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Good Luck Stephani

Good luck to Stephani who competes for Great Britain at the Moscow Grand Prix this weekend.

And to Deb who will be there as the GB coach.

Wishing you a great competition from all your friends at Esprit!

Esprit go to BQT!

Good luck to the Esprit gymnasts attending BQT

Good luck to: Alisa, Cara, Eirlys, Lily, Leah, Katy, Gemma and Laura at BQT this weekend.

From Deb and team

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Eirlys selected for Welsh Development Squad!

Congratulations to Eirlys Jones for her Gold Medal performance in Wales in December 2015.

And also for the great news that she has been selected for the Welsh Development squad for 2016 - this is an amazing achievement.