Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Great Britain Senior Squad News!

Great news and well deserved! 
Esprit rhythmic gymnasts, Tyler Brumitt, Laura Halford and Stephani Sherlock have all retained their place in the Great Britain Senior Squad following recent selections.

Deb Hows

The 2014 Canterbury Cup

On Saturday 1st November Esprit’s Rhythmic Gymnasts - Tyler Brumitt (Senior), Ellie Morse (Senior), Maya Lucas (Senior), Miriam Rodrigues (U12) and Abi-Jae Booth (u11), made the long trip to compete at the annual Canterbury Cup.

The girls all performed brilliantly some with very new routines to achieve the following results:

Abi-Jae - Gold in Free, Silver in Hoop and Bronze in Ball to gain the overall Bronze medal.

Miriam - 8th in Clubs and 6th with her Free routine.

Tyler Brumitt - Gold in Hoop, Gold in Ball, Gold in Clubs and Gold in ribbon, to achieve overall first place and her 5th Gold medal of the championships.

Ellie Morse - Silver in Hoop, Silver in Ball, Silver in Clubs and Silver in Ribbon, to achieve overall Silver and an impressive 2nd place.

Maya Lucas - 4th in Hoop, 5th in Ball, 5th in Clubs and Bronze in Ribbon, to gain overall Bronze and a 1,2,3 for Esprit!

A fantastic well done to all of the girls and how brilliant to see Esprit RGC Seniors 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the podium.

South West ‘A’ STAR competition - Sunday 9 November 2014

Four of Esprit’s young artistic gymnasts visited City of Bristol Gymnastics Club recently.
The girls made the trip to take part in the Level 4 competition, where awards were made for achievement on each piece of apparatus, as well an overall award for the combined score.

Eloise Johnson was 2nd on Vault and 6th overall, whilst Shannon White was 3rd on Bars and 2nd in the overall competition.

Tess Armstrong was placed 1st on Bars, 2nd on Vault and 4th overall and Esprit’s fourth and final competitior, Katie Francis was 2nd on Vault, 2nd on Floor and 3rd overall.

This was a high quality competition, with a large entry at this level, so these were a super set of results from the Esprit girls - WELL DONE all of you!

Thanks must go to Chloe for judging all day.

The 2014 British Team Championships & National Group League.

On Sunday 5th October Esprit’s superb Rhythmic gymnasts travelled to Walsall for the second round of the National Group League and British Team Championships. 

National Group League (2nd round)

Espoir - Joanna Rosowska, Isabelle Everett, Hannah Dagg and Shanniah Stevens came 5th. 
Juniors - Erin Robinson, Lily Gage, Madison Kennelly, Isis Tribolet and Miriam Rodrigues claimed first place.

In the British Team competition

Espoir - Abi-Jae Booth - Individual Hoop. Shanniah Stevens and Hannah Dagg - Ball Duet. Isabelle Everett, Deimante Tirunaite and Libby Henderson - Free Trio. Joanna Rosowska, Isabelle Everett, Hannah Dagg and Shanniah Stevens - Ribbon Group. Overall team placing - 7th.

Junior - Katy Coleman - Individual Ribbon. Erin Robinson and Miriam Rodrigues - Clubs Duet. Taylor Toyn, Lily Gage and Madison Kennelly - Ball Trio. Erin Robinson, Miriam Rodrigues, Lily Gage, Isis Tribolet and Madison Kennelly - Hoop Group.  Overall team placing - FIRST

Senior - Laura Halford - Individual Ball. Ashleigh West and Neve Prowting - Hoop Duet. Ellie Morse, Gabriella Caruso and Maya Lucas - Ribbon Trio. Ellie Morse, Gabriela Caruso, Maya Lucas, Lauren Hoard, Neve Prowting and Ashleigh West - Clubs Group.  Overall team placing - Second

At the end of a very long day Esprit Rhythmic were placed in the Silver medal position in the Overall British Team Championships.

A massive well done to all of you.