Thursday, 2 January 2014

Novice Competition - Saturday 2 November 2013

Our youngest artistic gymnasts visited Bristol School of Gymnastics recently for the 3-piece Novice competition consisting of floor, range and conditioning and vault).
This competition was the first competition some of our gymnasts have taken part in, outside of the club.
Scores required were over 34.00 to receive Gold, 32.00-34.00 for Silver and up to 32.00 Bronze.
Lillie Toyn scored Esprit’s highest mark and received a Gold.
In the 8 years old competition, Amelie Edwards gained a Silver, with Jodie Hackett and Eva Straw receiving Bronze.
In the 7 years old competition Kaylin Olivier and Kate Hobbs both gained a Silver, with Elise Haines, Sally Armstrong and Kitty Moss all receiving Bronze.
Alisa Wootten and Madeleine Trussell gained a Silver in the 6 years old competition.
Libby Tremblen gained a Bronze in the 6 years old competition, whilst Nicole Anderegg gained a Silver as the only 5 year old in the competition.
Many thanks to everyone who attended the event, especially our Judges: Kirsty and Chloe and Coaches, Courtney and Zoe.

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