Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!

2013 was another great year at Esprit, with all our gymnasts from the youngest beginner to the highest performer producing outstanding results. 

The new year brings with it the possibility of even greater success and with the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later in the year, Esprit has high hopes that it may be represented by one or more of its girls.

So watch this space for news of how all our gymnasts fare, as well as any important club news and don't forget - Classes start again for all gymnasts, week commencing 6 January 2014.

Happy New Year everyone, from all at Esprit Gymnastics!

South West Regional Grades - Sunday 1 December 2013

Esprit’s Artistic Squad gymnasts headed off to Plymouth Swallows gymnastics club for a recent Grades competition.
First up were Esprit’s Grade 14 gymnasts (the first grade a gymnast is able to take)
At 8 years old, Lily Young, Phoebe Young, Millie Smith, Eva Straw, Jodie Hackett and Amelie Edwards all passed with a distinction.
Amelie achieved the highest score on vault and bars from any gymnast 12.850 and 12.60 out of a possible 13.50.
The 7 years old’s, Elise Haines and Ashleigh Olley passed with highly commended, whilst Kaylin Olivier, Carwen Byron, Kate Hobbs, Kitty Moss and Sally Armstrong all passed with distinction.
Kate scored the highest mark on bars and beam from any gymnast on the day, 12.80 and 12.50 out of a possible 13.50.
Special mention to Kaylin who is not actually 7 until the end of the year, a great performance.

At Grade 13, Lillie Toyn, Harley-Jay Trivet, Imogen Vaughan, Yasmin Dennis, Lucy Ovendon, Olivia Murray and Kiera Mcgrory all passed with distinction.
Lillie scored the highest mark on floor in this section 12.40.
At Grade 12, Melina selba, Jayne Hughes, Ellie Amor, Jessica McCabe, Elizabeth Rowland and Hannah Woodward all achieved a distinction.
Jayne scored the highest mark on floor in this section 12.350.

West Country League - Sunday 24 November 2013

The last round of the West Country League saw some excellent results for Esprit gymnasts and some well deserved podium finishes.
The ‘B’ League team consisting of Chloe Proctor, Tess Armstrong, Shannon White & Eloise Johnson performed exceptionally well, which was proven by only having 4 gymnasts rather than the usual 6.
With only the top 4 scores counting, all 4 girls had to be on top of their game and make sure every score counted.
This they did, incredibly well, to score a win and the Gold medal on the day and the overall Bronze medal in the league.
Special mention must go to Tess, who was promoted to the ‘B’ league for this competition and performed exceptionally well to secure overall 6th position.

Other notable results came from Chloe, 2nd on Bars and Floor, plus 3rd on Vault and Eloise who secured a well deserved win on Beam  and 3rd on Bars.
The ‘A’ League team which included 5 girls, Katie Francis, Bethany Lock, Annie Lloyd, Eloise Moss and Zoe Hewlett, put in another solid performance to win the Bronze medal on the day.
Bethany won a great Bronze on Vault, whilst Eloise did the same on Beam and along with the other girls well rounded performances secured a final Bronze in the league standings.
Finally, thanks must go to Hannah and Emily for giving up their day to coach and a very BIG thank you to Rachel Hobbs for judging all day

Novice Competition - Saturday 2 November 2013

Our youngest artistic gymnasts visited Bristol School of Gymnastics recently for the 3-piece Novice competition consisting of floor, range and conditioning and vault).
This competition was the first competition some of our gymnasts have taken part in, outside of the club.
Scores required were over 34.00 to receive Gold, 32.00-34.00 for Silver and up to 32.00 Bronze.
Lillie Toyn scored Esprit’s highest mark and received a Gold.
In the 8 years old competition, Amelie Edwards gained a Silver, with Jodie Hackett and Eva Straw receiving Bronze.
In the 7 years old competition Kaylin Olivier and Kate Hobbs both gained a Silver, with Elise Haines, Sally Armstrong and Kitty Moss all receiving Bronze.
Alisa Wootten and Madeleine Trussell gained a Silver in the 6 years old competition.
Libby Tremblen gained a Bronze in the 6 years old competition, whilst Nicole Anderegg gained a Silver as the only 5 year old in the competition.
Many thanks to everyone who attended the event, especially our Judges: Kirsty and Chloe and Coaches, Courtney and Zoe.