Friday, 11 October 2013

English Selection Event - October 6, 2013

Maya, Ellie, Steph, Katy, Deb, Laura, Tyler
The following Esprit Rhythmic (South) gymnasts competed in an England ranking event recently at Esprit.

Stephani Sherlock, Tyler Brumitt, Ellie Morse, Maya Lucas as seniors and Katy Coleman as a junior.

This event was to select the England team to compete at the home nations competition in Gibraltar.

The selection was attended by the top senior and junior gymnasts in England.

All of Esprit’s girls produced amazing results

Stephani Sherlock – 1st place senior
Tyler Brumitt - 2nd place senior
Ellie Morse - 5th place senior
Maya Lucas - 6th place senior
Katy Coleman - 6th place junior

All 5 girls competed extremely well against some very strong English gymnasts and produced great results.

They have, as a result, all been selected to represent England in Gibraltar and will travel along with Deb Hows who has been selected as the senior England coach.

The girls will compete along side another of the clubs gymnasts, Laura Halford who has been selected to compete for Wales.

Deb Hows - Senior Rhythmic coach

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