Monday, 22 July 2013

Esprit Rhythmic Gymnastics at the British Championships - 2013

What an incredible weekend it was too! Check out this summary of the British Championships on British Gymnastics TV!

You can watch the full routines by searching on YouTube for:
2013 Rhythmic & Disability Rhythmic British Championships

Congratulations to Esprit Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnasts at the British Championships 2013

Laura Halford -
Senior British Champion
Senior British Individual Silver medalist in Ball, Ribbon & Clubs.

Stephani Sherlock -
Runner up to Senior British Champion and Senior British Champion in Individual Apparatus Finals - Hoop, Ball, Ribbon, Clubs.

Tyler Brumitt -
Junior British Overall Champion and Junior British Individual Apparatus Champion in Hoop, Ball, Ribbon, Clubs.

Maya Lucas -
4th overall in Senior British Championships and qualifier for all four Apparatus Finals.

Ellie Morse -
6th overall in Junior British Championships and qualifier for all four Apparatus Finals, just missing out on Bronze in Ball.

Katy Coleman -
15th overall as a first year Junior.

Deb Hows -
Awarded trophy as coach to Junior and Senior British Champions.

Laura Halford, Senior British Overall Champion 2013!

Congratulations Laura Halford
2013 Senior British Overall Champion.
Silver medalist in Ball, Ribbon & Clubs.
2013 Senior Welsh Overall Champion.
2013 Senior Welsh Champion in Hoop, Ball, Ribbon & Clubs.
Amazing achievement Laura, well done!

Stephani Sherlock, Senior British Individual Apparatus Champion 2013!

Congratulations Stephani Sherlock
2013 Senior British Individual Apparatus Champion in Hoop, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon.
Silver medalist in the Senior British All Around Championships.
2013 Senior English All Around Champion and English Individual Apparatus titles.
Brilliant results Steph, well done!

Tyler Brumitt - Junior British Champion 2013

Congratulations Tyler Brumitt
2013 Junior British Overall Champion.
Junior British Champion in Hoop, Clubs, Ribbon & Ball.
2013 Junior English Overall Champion.
Junior English Individual Apparatus medalist
Brilliant results, well done Tyler!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Esprit coaches make the grade!

Well done to all our new level 1 coaches, who sat their exam whilst the rest of us were enjoying the sun yesterday! Great result ladies and well deserved after all your hard work.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Regional Grades, City of Bristol - Sunday 7 July. 2013

A very long and busy day greeted Esprit’s gymnasts at the South West Regional grades competition, at the City of Bristol Gymnastics Club on Sunday.

However Three Esprit gymnasts equipped themselves exceptionally well , all three passing their respective grade with well deserved Distinctions.

Bethany Lock - Grade 13 Distinction
Annie Lloyd - Grade 13 Distinction
Eloise Moss - Grade 11 Distinction

Great results!

A big thank you must also go to coaches Carla and Kirsty who gave up their day to travel with the girls.