Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tyler to fly the flag for Great Britain

Esprit Gymnastics had incredible success last year, culminating in having one of its gymnasts represent Great Britain at the London 2012 Olympics.

Following on from that, it now has the honour of having one of its Junior gymnasts selected for the 2013 Australian Youth Olympics, to be held in Sydney this week.

Tyler Brummit (14), will join great Britain’s other athletes and Esprit head coach Deb Hows, who has been selected as the Great Britain coach for the event, when they fly out to Australia on Saturday 12 January.

This fantastic start to the new-year follows an amazing 2012 where Esprit also won medals at the British, English and Welsh championships, were crowned Group champions at the British and Welsh Championships and had Laura and Stephani Sherlock both win National titles at the Apparatus finals.

In addition there were numerous National success in British, Welsh and English Championships.

Long standing Esprit gymnast, Laura Halford, now a senior, was selected for the Great Britain Potential Squad of athletes for the Rio 2016 Olympic programme along with Deb Hows as coach in the ambitions programme.

Laura was also selected for the 2014 Welsh Commonwealth Games squad, whilst Esprit coach Deb Hows was selected as head coach for the England team.

Stephani Sherlock, was also selected for the English squad and will compete against club mate Laura in Glasgow.

Both competed at many International events, throughout the World in 2012, representing both Great Britain and Wales.

The outstanding event of the year was of course seeing the clubs Jade Faulkner compete at the 2012 Olympics, as part of the country’s first ever rhythmic gymnastics team.

But it didn’t end there, as Deb Hows also worked as a Games Maker in the gymnastics hall at Wembley arena.

Whilst Stephani and Esprit’s group gymnasts were given the honour of being selected to perform at the Olympic venue prior to the actual competition, where they helped with final checks for the running of the games.

If all this and Tylers selection for the Youth Olympics in Sydney is anything to go by, Esprit has already started to develop a great Olympic legacy for Swindon.

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