Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Regional Grades - Plymouth

Distinction for Alice, Lucy & Lillie
It was an early start on Sunday 2 December for the Artistic girls who made the trip to Plymouth for Regional Grading.
A frosty, cold morning greeted the competitors, but everyone warmed up quickly when they set about the job in hand, with Lucy Hudson, Alice Baker and Lillie Postlewhite competing at Grade 12.

 They were joined by Harley-Jay Trivett, Yasmin Dennis, Olivia Murray, Lucy Ovendon, Kiera McGrory, Annie Lloyd, Tess Armstrong, Melina Selba and Elizabeth Rowland in the Grade 13 & 14 categories.
All competed very well indeed and the best thing of all, EVERY girl obtained a Distinction or Highly Commended.
A very good competition for all the gymnasts!