Thursday, 18 October 2012

Esprit triumph at Nationals!

Last weekend saw a large group of gymnasts and parents travelling 'up north' to Bradford, Yorkshire, to compete in round 1 of the National Group League and also the National Open Individual Apparatus 2012. 

The girls, competing for Esprit, were against the top gymnasts in Great Britain.

Espoir group - Miriam Rodrigues, Amy Spencer, Steffanie Vitalie-Richardson, Erin Robinson.
Junior purple group - Alyssa Weymouth, Charlotte Leighfield, Jess Steele, Neve Prowting, Emily Cole.
Junior pink group - Ellie Morse, Maya Lucas, Gabriela Caruso, Lauren Hoard, Ashleigh West.


Katy Coleman, Fleur Randall, Tyler Brummitt, Laura Halford, Stephani Sherlock, Hannah Curtis, Micia Falaki.

The girls all worked really hard over 2 very long and cold days and produced the following results
Espoir group - 3rd in free routine and 7th in rope.
Purple junior group - 3rd
Pink junior group - 1st
Well done girls and keep practising for round 2.

In the individual apparatus finals:
Katy Coleman - 5th hoop, 10th free, 4th ball
Fleur Randall - 8th hoop, 7th ribbon, 16th clubs, 11th ball.
Tyler Brummitt - 4th ball, Silver medal clubs, 4th ribbon, Bronze medal hoop. (Tyler was also competing for a place in the Australian youth Olympic festival GB team - selection still outstanding).
Laura Halford - Silver medal hoop, Silver medal ball, Gold medal clubs, Gold medal ribbon.
Stephani Sherlock - Bronze medal hoop, Gold medal ball, Bronze medal clubs, Bronze medal ribbon.
Hannah Curtis - 5th place ball, 8th place clubs.
Micia Falaki - 8th place hoop, 7th place clubs.

A big thank you to Cherie for coaching all weekend and Clarice for judging.

Deb Hows

Thursday, 4 October 2012

5 years younger?

Inspirational film, that's worth a watch!!!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Laura represents Wales in Hungary

Laura & Nikara in Budapest

This weekend saw Laura and Deb travelling to Budapest in Hungary as a part of the Welsh Rhythmic gymnastics team.

Laura and team mate Nikara were competing in an International competition in Budapest and both had an excellent competition.

In the overall all around championship on day one, Laura won the overall senior title, whilst Nikara won silver in the junior section, with both girls qualifying for all apparatus finals on day 2.

On day 2s apparatus championship, Nikara won silver in Ribbon and a bronze in Hoop, with Laura winning gold in all 4 pieces Ribbon, Hoop, Ball & Clubs.

Well done both girls you looked amazing!

Report by Deb Hows.