Thursday, 30 August 2012

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Check out our new Facebook page everyone! It's looked after by some of our young coaches and is a great way for gymnasts and parents to send messages to us, check out what's happening at the club, up to date news, ask questions etc.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Beth makes history again!!!

Team GB’s Beth Tweddle MBE has won BRONZE in the women’s uneven bars final; the first ever individual medal for British Gymnastics and the first medal otherwise since the 1928 Games team bronze in Amsterdam. Britain’s Kristian Thomas also finished in 8th place in the men’s vault final.

The line-up for the women’s bars final was one of the strongest ever seen, including 2008 Olympic Champion He (CHN) and the 2012 all-around Olympic Champion, Douglas (USA). He (CHN) was up first, setting a high benchmark score of 15.933. When Beth came onto the podium the arena erupted, yet she looked calm and collected. She performed an excellent routine, linking all of her difficult connections with just a step back on her dismount to score 15.916 to take the BRONZE. The eventual winner was Mustafina (RUS) who put in an almost flawless performance to take the gold with 16.133.

In the men’s vault final, Kristian Thomas performed a fantastic double piked Yurchenko for his first vault to score 16.366 but unfortunately sat down his second- the handspring double front tucked- to score an average of 15.533 and place 8th.

Beth Tweddle MBE: “It’s the best feeling in the world to win the bronze medal, there was one point today I thought I’d end in 4th like in Beijing 08, so I’m really happy. This was the one medal missing from my collection; this is the one I really wanted. I tried to keep calm and do what I do best and the crowd were amazing, as soon as I walked into the arena it was incredible. I haven’t  made any future plans yet, I definitely won’t be in Rio but I’m happy to go home now and have a bit of a holiday and get back into the gym; if my hearts in it I will continue. I had a step on my dismount but at the end of the day I had to go for the difficult dismount to challenge for a medal. To be honest I could say ‘what if’ but I’m not disappointed in the slightest, any medal, any colour is what I always said I wanted, so I’m extremely happy.”

Amanda Reddin (Beth’s coach):  “It’s been a long four years for Beth, Its all she’s wanted and I’m really happy for her. It’s all due to the fabulous support from British Gymnastics and the National Lottery and now there is only one way to go and that’s forwards. She’s the only gymnast I’ve ever worked with that’s given 100% day in day out and I’m very proud she walked through my door all those years ago.”

2012 Olympic Games - Rhythmic Qualifications Day 2

Rhy web
Britain’s Francesca Jones finished 24th in the rhythmic gymnastics individual competition scoring 94.625 points.

The six time British champion excelled at Wembley Arena, embracing the crowd to produce a mainly stunning display over the two day qualification process which at one point saw her on track for GBR's highest ever Olympic placing, but was let down by mistakes in her final clubs routine.

Although the result wasn’t enough for her to make the top ten final, it is still considered a fine performance by Frankie who has proudly led the sport in Britain for the last decade. Following up from a very positive first day with the ball and hoop, which had her placed in 21st, Frankie continued to shine with a beautiful opening ribbon routine scoring her 23.900 but fell apart with the grand finale, the clubs, which began well but mid-way one club flew off the floor and she had to scramble to re-focus, pick up the reserve club, and finish for 21.975.

A tearful Frankie said "At the moment I'm just so sorry to have let everyone down with my last routine. The support has been beyond my imagination and to not quite do it for them is devastating for me. The Olympic experience has been unbelievable but at the moment I just want to say sorry to everyone."

Team GB’s rhythmic group of Rachel Smith, Louisa Pouli, Georgina Cassar, Francesca Fox, Jade Falkner and Lynne Hutchison, finished in 12th place after two fantastic performances. The Team GB group put in a superb display with their three ribbons and two hoops on the second day of qualifications, the crowd loved every minute of the spectacular performance which earned them 23.850 for total of 48.000 and 12th place. 

Again, although they did not do enough to make the final, the group really did themselves, the sport and the country proud with two fantastic routines as Britain’s first ever group at an Olympic Games.

Lynne Hutchison- group- "To strike that final pose and hear the crowd's reception was unbelievable and shows that all the months of hard work were worth it. We have proved we can compete on the same stage as these amazing groups and I really hope people have been inspired by what we've achieved."

Friday, 10 August 2012

2012 Olympic Games - Rhythmic Qualifications Day 1

On day one of the Rhythmic Gymnastics at Wembley Arena, the Team GB Rhythmic group of Louisa Pouli, Rachel Smith, Jade Falkner, Lynne Hutchison, Georgina Cassar and Francesca Fox finished in 11th with 24.150.

In the group competition, the first day of competition saw the 12 teams competing with five balls. The GB group, including Esprit's Jade Faulkner, looked confident with big smiles as they walked into the arena and their performance reflected this, they didn’t put a foot wrong and performed beautifully for 24.150 and 11th place on day 1.

GB group - Rachel Smith : "It's one of the best routines we've done and to do it out there as Britian's first ever Olympic group is amazing. The crowd were unbelievable and we just hope they enjoyed it as much as we did. It's our aim to get as many people as possible watching our sport and to raise the profile as much as we can during the Games."

Tomorrow (Friday 10th August), from 12pm, we will see Francesca Jones’s ribbon and club routines and the group will then perform their routine with three ribbons and two hoops on day 2 of qualifications.

Good luck girls, history has been made!

Monday, 6 August 2012


Article from British Gymnasts...pommel web

Team GB’s Louis Smith and Max Whitlock took SILVER and BRONZE in the men’s artistic pommel horse final; the first silver medal for GB in gymnastics since the 1908 London Games and the first silver individual apparatus medal in history.

Nineteen year old Max Whitlock stepped up fourth to compete amongst a strong field which saw him qualify down in eighth but with a clean slate in finals, he took the stage knowing anything was possible. Whitlock produced the routine of his life for 15.600 to put him into the lead half way through the final and he was only pushed down to third by Berki (HUN) the eventual winner and his teammate Smith.

With Louis Smith’s rival Berki (HUN) posting such a huge score of 16.066, Smith knew he needed to perform his most difficult routine to be in with a chance of winning the gold. With the entire crowd behind him, he did not disappoint and produced an almost flawless routine that was good enough to match his rival Berki (HUN). However, with tie breaking rules going down to execution, Smith 0.1 less than Berki, ended up with the silver.

Fantastic results, well done from everyone at Esprit!

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

GB men make history again!

Team GB’s Kristian Thomas and Daniel Purvis finished a historic 7th and 13th in the men’s all-around final yesterday at the North Greenwich arena; the best results for Great Britain since bronze in the 1908 London Games. Well done from everyone at Esprit!

Esprit at EuroGym, Portugal

A chilly summers day in the UK before we left
Esprit's Display Team set off from Swindon at 6am for Gatwick for a flight to Porto on Saturday 14th July to represent Great Britain at the 8th Eurogym in Coimbra Portugal.

Sunday saw us at the opening ceremony and a long parade through the city before arriving  at the Stadium.

Coimbra, what a difference and how beautiful
On Monday morning we were City Orienteering and finding our way round, learning about some of the history of the area before our first performance at the Dolce Vita shopping centre in the afternoon, this is a 4 storey mall and Coimbra's 2nd largest shopping centre.  

Esprit and the rest of the GB delegation
The performance went down well, with passers by and delegations from other countries clapping and cheering very loudly. The girls then had some free time before supporting the City of Birmingham performance and a walk to the Stadium for a gala rehearsal before finishing at 11pm.

Elise carrying the flag
9am Tuesday saw us at a Capoeira workshop on a field before being transported to an assault course in army trucks for boot camp in 38 degree heat! 

There was time for a spot of lunch before another great performance outside the Santa Cruz Church in the centre of Coimbra.

On our way to Boot Camp!
It was then a short bus ride to the Stadium for another Gala rehearsal and yet another 11pm finish, phew!
Wednesday morning the girls had fun on pedalo's whilst Liz and myself relaxed, drank coffee and watched them all enjoy some well deserved free time.

In the evening they performed with the rest of the British delegation at the gala performance to over ten thousand people! The girls loved it and so did the audience.

Closing Ceremony
After an amazing night we were all up early again on Thursday at a Hip hop workshop which was great, before tumbling which was also fantastic.  

We then went to the stadium where the girls performed Hip Hop at the closing ceremony, where Elise proudly carried in the GB flag, before the farewell party.

There was a bit of T-shirt swapping with the French and the Portuguese before returning to the hostel to pack for our early morning start back to the UK.

It really was an amazing experience for the whole Great Britain delegation, including our Esprit gymnasts and we can't wait for EuroGym 2014 in Sweden.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

GB girls do a great job!

GB's Artistic girls couldn't quite emulate the stunning performance of the men's team yesterday, but they more than did themselves justice with a fantastic 6th place at the Olympic team final, their best ever Olympic team placing. Everyone at Esprit say's well done, we were all riveted to the TV watching your brilliant performances.

Can't wait for the all around and individual finals and then the Rhythmic girls, including Esprit's Jade Faulkner, next week!