Wednesday, 18 July 2012

British Olympic Ambitions Programme

Laura Halford and Deb Hows have been announced as 2 of the 130 athletes and 56 coaches from across 44 (summer and winter) Olympic sports, who will participate in team GB’s Olympic ambition programme, during the London 2012 Olympic games.
The programme which is being supported by Proud Partner of London 2012, Lloyds TSB, which aims to give young talented British athletes and coaches a unique opportunity to experience the Olympic Games experience first hand.
The programme focuses on preparing the athletes and coaches to compete at the Sochi 2014 winter Olympics or the Rio 2016 Olympics.
 It aims to provide personal development and inspiration to the participants and produce a performance legacy for Team GB from the London 2012 Olympic games.
Deb and Laura travelled to the GB preparation camp at Loughborough and had an amazing 2 days, experiencing a multi-sport preparation environment and had the opportunity to talk with many past Olympians and learn from their experiences. 
They will now both spend time at the Olympics watching some events, as guests of the programme.
Congratulations Deb & Laura, a fantastic opportunity and brilliant achievement for Rhythmic gymnastics.

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