Thursday, 7 June 2012

Canterbury Queens

It was yet another outstanding weekend for the 'Gym Queens' of Esprit recently, when the club's rhythmic gymnasts visited the annual Canterbury Cup.
At the overall 4-piece competition on Saturday 12 May, Katy Coleman (Under 12) won overall Silver, as did Maya Lucas (Junior) and Gemma Rand (Senior). Ellie Morse (Junior) came a creditable 5th overall, whilst Hannah Curtis (Senior) produced solid routines to win overall Bronze.
All 5 gymnasts qualified their 4 apparatus for the Individual finals on day 2.

The following day, Sunday 13 May, it was the individual apparatus finals and Katy Coleman reproduced some of her best work, for a Bronze in Rope, Silver in Hoop & Free and fantastic Gold in Ball.
Maya Lucas was 5th in Clubs before winning Bronze in Hoop and two Silver's in Ball & Ribbon.

Ellie Morse then came 5th in Hoop before securing three great Bronze medals in Ribbon, Ball & Clubs.
Gemma Rand doubled up on her medals with two Bronze in Ribbon & Clubs and another two Silver's in Hoop & Ball. 

Hannah Curtis then did the same with two Bronze in Hoop & Ball and two Silver's in Ribbon & Clubs.

At the Sunday Extravaganza, Esprit's other young gymnasts took to the floor and put in some memorable performances.
Isabelle Trussell - 5th Under 8 Free. Abi-Jae Booth - 15th Under 10 Hoop.
Madison Kennelly - 19th Under 10 Hoop.
Daisy Rowse - 22nd Under 10 Hoop.
Jess Steele - Gold, Under 12 Ball.
Alyssa Weymouth - Gold, Junior Ribbon.
Micia Falaki - Gold, Senior Clubs.
Amy Spencer/Hannah Dagg - 7th Under 10 Rope Duet.
Steff Vitalie-Richardson/Erin Robinson - Silver, Under 12 Rope Duet.
Elizabeth Walecki/Charlotte Leighfield - 4th Junior Clubs Duet.
Elise Gilbert/Clarice Saloyedoff - Gold, Senior Hoop Duet.Shanniah Stevens/Freya Cottrell/Hannah Grieg - 6th Under 10 Free Trio.
Carlissa Daniells/Miriam Rodrigues/Martha Strange - Gold, Under 12 Free Trio.
Ashleigh West/Lauren Hoard/Neve Prowting - Gold, Junior Hoop Trio.
Micia Falaki/Alicia Veveris/Elise Gilbert - Gold, Senior Ribbon Trio.
Esprit also won the Under 12, Junior & Senior Team Trophies to add to the clubs bulging trophy cabinet.

Congratulations must go to all the gymnasts who were great role models for the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics and a real credit to Esprit - Well done girls, you should all be very proud of your achievements!