Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Is this much fun even legal?

It was a great night last Saturday as the club made its long awaited trip to see Legally Blonde in the West End. A coach trip, made tolerable by a great driver and unexpectedly quiet traffic in London.

This was followed by a great meal at TGi Friday's and then something really exciting for a few of us.

Esprit gymnast Isabelle, with one of the stars of Legally Blonde - Georgie Ashford.
One of the shows stars, Georgie Ashford, who plays Gabby, a Delta Nu and understudy for Elle Woods, the lead, arranged for an exclusive backstage tour to show us just how everything worked.

It was amazing to see all the props, clothes and scenery and discover how it all comes together. We were all amazed by the small amount of space the cast, crew and orchestra had to work in and realised just how hard everyone must work backstage to make the show the incredible success it has been.

Isabelle & Georgie on Elle's balcony
After the tour everyone was buzzing and excited to see the show and that included Esprit coach, Courtney, who has to date seen the show an incredible ELEVEN times.

Curtain up was 7:30 and no one was to be disappointed, as the show was fantastic and very, very, very funny indeed, with the cast putting on a memorable performance. I'm sure everyone leaving the Savoy Theatre was humming at least one or more of the shows infectious tunes, even the dads.

It was then a quick trip to the stage door for autographs, to say well done to Georgie and other cast members, before jumping on the coach for the long haul back to the gym. 

It was well into Sunday before most got to bed, tired but happy and very probably still singing those catchy tunes in their sleep.

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