Friday, 20 April 2012

Esprit in great condition!

It was a great Sunday at Esprit, when it held it's first ever Conditioning Competition, for all squad gymnasts. Girls from both Artistic and Rhythmic disciplines took part and everyone threw themselves into the spirit of this fun event, making it very competitive, but enjoyable.

In each age group medals were awarded for flexibility and strength, with trophies to the winners of combined event.

Highlight of the day though was obviously the parents, who had their own competition, trying to do the same exercises as the gymnasts. They really threw themselves in to it all and we were all very impressed, with the effort anyway!

At least they all know now, how hard the gymnasts work at their conditioning and flexibility and just what makes them so good.

Another great event, well done to all those that took part and it looks like it will now become a regular feature.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thanks Mum!

Here's a great Olympic ad, not sure it will sell more stuff for P&G, but its a great way of showing just how special mum's are. Go to the Facebook page to say thanks to yours!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Think your too old for gymnastics?

Well this 86 year old lady stole the show at a recent gymnastic event in Germany! Pretty impressive eh? Thanks to Gemma for finding this for us.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Is this much fun even legal?

It was a great night last Saturday as the club made its long awaited trip to see Legally Blonde in the West End. A coach trip, made tolerable by a great driver and unexpectedly quiet traffic in London.

This was followed by a great meal at TGi Friday's and then something really exciting for a few of us.

Esprit gymnast Isabelle, with one of the stars of Legally Blonde - Georgie Ashford.
One of the shows stars, Georgie Ashford, who plays Gabby, a Delta Nu and understudy for Elle Woods, the lead, arranged for an exclusive backstage tour to show us just how everything worked.

It was amazing to see all the props, clothes and scenery and discover how it all comes together. We were all amazed by the small amount of space the cast, crew and orchestra had to work in and realised just how hard everyone must work backstage to make the show the incredible success it has been.

Isabelle & Georgie on Elle's balcony
After the tour everyone was buzzing and excited to see the show and that included Esprit coach, Courtney, who has to date seen the show an incredible ELEVEN times.

Curtain up was 7:30 and no one was to be disappointed, as the show was fantastic and very, very, very funny indeed, with the cast putting on a memorable performance. I'm sure everyone leaving the Savoy Theatre was humming at least one or more of the shows infectious tunes, even the dads.

It was then a quick trip to the stage door for autographs, to say well done to Georgie and other cast members, before jumping on the coach for the long haul back to the gym. 

It was well into Sunday before most got to bed, tired but happy and very probably still singing those catchy tunes in their sleep.

Esprit on TV!

Esprit were recently invited by film makers PodFilms to feature in a video trailer for a documentary about how the worlds supply of Helium is going to run out soon.

Coach Hannah Wickens proved the old magic was still there by showing off some great Giants and trampoline skills and club Chairman, Mark, did what he does best, sat down and talked!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

National Grades 2012 - Results

Held on the 25 March, in Wales, Esprit made the trip with a number of girls aiming to make Grades finals later in the year, or indeed the qualification mark required to enter this years British Championships.
Esprit has a good record at this prestigious event, so the pressure was on, but the girls, as usual, didn't disappoint, with some excellent scores.
Esprit's fantastic Grades gymnasts
It was, in particular, a great day for Jess Steele, Micia Falaki, Fleur Randall and Alyssa Weymouth, with all of them passing their grades and qualifying for grades finals later this year.

Equally impressive were Esprit's under 12 Group consisting of Miriam Rodrigues, Carlissa Daniels, Erin Robinson and Steff Vitalie Richardson, who won the under 12 free group competition outright, with some exceptional performances.
A first for Miriam, Carlissa, Erin & Steff!
British Champion Laura Halford, Maya Lucas, Steph Sherlock and Gemma Rand had already qualified for this years British, because of their GB ranking and or previous scores and as such didn't need to qualify. 
But for Katy Coleman, Gabriela Caruso, Ellie Morse and Hannah Curtis, they all achieved excellent scores which ensured they surpassed the required mark to qualify for this years British Championships in June/July.
Well done all of you, fantastic performances - well done!

Laura - Queen of the Wiltshire Life Awards

At the glittering Wiltshire Life awards evening, held in Marlborough Town Hall, on Thursday, March 22, Esprit's Laura Halford collected yet another award for her fantastic achievements.

It was the seventh annual awards evening, celebrating Wiltshire and its people, to be held by the magazine and Laura was nominated as Young Achiever of the Year, along with several other strong contenders.

But it was Laura who came out on top, with the judges voting her achievements the most outstanding of the year!

We already new that, but well done anyway Laura, you fully deserved the award. We'll post a link to the magazine once it has been published.