Wednesday, 22 February 2012

GB rhythmic gymnasts "hope common sense prevails" in appeal against London 2012 exclusion

Francesca Fox_Feb_19Britain's rhythmic gymnastics group say they are pleased their bid to secure nomination to compete at the London 2012 Olympic Games is going to be considered at an independent appeal.

Sport Resolutions will consider the appeal on Wednesday February 29.

If the appeal is successful it is understood British Gymnastics will recommend the British Olympic Association take up the host nation place for a group to compete at London 2012.

It would be the first time Great Britain has had representation in the group competition at an Olympic Games and Esprit's Jade Faulkner will be part of it.

The seven young gymnasts, including Jade, failed to secure Olympic nomination after missing the target score set for them for the opening two days of the Olympic test event in January by 0.273 marks.

British Gymnastics and the British Olympic Association, whose policy has been to ensure that every nominated home athlete at London 2012 was likely to produce a competitive performance, had laid down a minimum score of 45.233 which the British team had to achieve with one day of the competition remaining.

What appears to be in doubt is whether the gymnasts were fully aware that they would be judged on their progress to this point, rather than their overall performance in the event, which comfortably exceeded the total qualification target.

"We're looking forward to the appeal," said coach Sarah Moon.

"The girls put an incredible amount of effort into preparing for the test event and they were really disappointed to be told they weren't going to the Olympics.

"We firmly believe that they achieved the qualification score as set down in the selection policy and we hope common sense will prevail."

The group have been training full time at the University of Bath for the last six months with the goal of competing at London 2012.

They are currently preparing to compete at the European Championships in Russia in May.

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