Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Regional Grades - Plymouth

Distinction for Alice, Lucy & Lillie
It was an early start on Sunday 2 December for the Artistic girls who made the trip to Plymouth for Regional Grading.
A frosty, cold morning greeted the competitors, but everyone warmed up quickly when they set about the job in hand, with Lucy Hudson, Alice Baker and Lillie Postlewhite competing at Grade 12.

 They were joined by Harley-Jay Trivett, Yasmin Dennis, Olivia Murray, Lucy Ovendon, Kiera McGrory, Annie Lloyd, Tess Armstrong, Melina Selba and Elizabeth Rowland in the Grade 13 & 14 categories.
All competed very well indeed and the best thing of all, EVERY girl obtained a Distinction or Highly Commended.
A very good competition for all the gymnasts!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

West Country League 2012 - final round

Esprit’s Shannon White, Tess Armstrong, Jayne Hughes, Eloise Moss, Eloise Johnson, Emily Broadfield and Bethany Lock, were at Wiltshire School again on Sunday 25 November, for the final round of the West Country League.
Lying in third overall, going into the competition, the girls needed to consolidate their scoring to ensure a place in the medals.
A solid team performance saw the girls do just that, securing third on the day and a well deserved overall Bronze medal in the league.
A very good competition, well done all of you!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wiltshire Grades - 18 Nov 2012

Esprit's Grade 4 gymnasts
Esprit’s young artistic gymnasts made the trip to Wiltshire School recently to take part in Grading, and all performed to expectations.

The Grade 4 gymnasts, for who it was their first 
ever grading, overcame the obvious nerves and produced some notable results. Special mention must go however to Eva Shaw for achieving a well deserved DISTINCTION, an outstanding result.


In the other grades, Hannah Woodward passed pre-level, Mair Thomas passed her Grade 1 and Bethany Lock gets a special mention as she achieved a brilliant DISTINCTION at Grade 3.
Well done all of you!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Laura & Steph compete for GB in Slovenia!

Laura, Mimi, Lauren & Steph in Slovenia
Esprit coaches Deb and Rachel,  along with gymnasts Steph and Laura, travelled to Slovenia this weekend as a part of a GB delegation to compete at an international competition.
Deb as GB coach, Rachel as GB judge, with Laura and Steph representing Great Britain.
The team competed against gymnasts from Slovenia, Montenegro, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Kazakhstan & Russia.
Both Esprit girls did really well, with Laura taking top senior GB place, ranked 6th and Steph closely behind her in 8th place.
Team mates Lauren and Mimi also putting in great performances.and high rankings.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Esprit triumph at Nationals!

Last weekend saw a large group of gymnasts and parents travelling 'up north' to Bradford, Yorkshire, to compete in round 1 of the National Group League and also the National Open Individual Apparatus 2012. 

The girls, competing for Esprit, were against the top gymnasts in Great Britain.

Espoir group - Miriam Rodrigues, Amy Spencer, Steffanie Vitalie-Richardson, Erin Robinson.
Junior purple group - Alyssa Weymouth, Charlotte Leighfield, Jess Steele, Neve Prowting, Emily Cole.
Junior pink group - Ellie Morse, Maya Lucas, Gabriela Caruso, Lauren Hoard, Ashleigh West.


Katy Coleman, Fleur Randall, Tyler Brummitt, Laura Halford, Stephani Sherlock, Hannah Curtis, Micia Falaki.

The girls all worked really hard over 2 very long and cold days and produced the following results
Espoir group - 3rd in free routine and 7th in rope.
Purple junior group - 3rd
Pink junior group - 1st
Well done girls and keep practising for round 2.

In the individual apparatus finals:
Katy Coleman - 5th hoop, 10th free, 4th ball
Fleur Randall - 8th hoop, 7th ribbon, 16th clubs, 11th ball.
Tyler Brummitt - 4th ball, Silver medal clubs, 4th ribbon, Bronze medal hoop. (Tyler was also competing for a place in the Australian youth Olympic festival GB team - selection still outstanding).
Laura Halford - Silver medal hoop, Silver medal ball, Gold medal clubs, Gold medal ribbon.
Stephani Sherlock - Bronze medal hoop, Gold medal ball, Bronze medal clubs, Bronze medal ribbon.
Hannah Curtis - 5th place ball, 8th place clubs.
Micia Falaki - 8th place hoop, 7th place clubs.

A big thank you to Cherie for coaching all weekend and Clarice for judging.

Deb Hows

Thursday, 4 October 2012

5 years younger?

Inspirational film, that's worth a watch!!!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Laura represents Wales in Hungary

Laura & Nikara in Budapest

This weekend saw Laura and Deb travelling to Budapest in Hungary as a part of the Welsh Rhythmic gymnastics team.

Laura and team mate Nikara were competing in an International competition in Budapest and both had an excellent competition.

In the overall all around championship on day one, Laura won the overall senior title, whilst Nikara won silver in the junior section, with both girls qualifying for all apparatus finals on day 2.

On day 2s apparatus championship, Nikara won silver in Ribbon and a bronze in Hoop, with Laura winning gold in all 4 pieces Ribbon, Hoop, Ball & Clubs.

Well done both girls you looked amazing!

Report by Deb Hows.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

We're on Faceybook - yay!

Check out our new Facebook page everyone! It's looked after by some of our young coaches and is a great way for gymnasts and parents to send messages to us, check out what's happening at the club, up to date news, ask questions etc.

Let us know what you think.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Beth makes history again!!!

Team GB’s Beth Tweddle MBE has won BRONZE in the women’s uneven bars final; the first ever individual medal for British Gymnastics and the first medal otherwise since the 1928 Games team bronze in Amsterdam. Britain’s Kristian Thomas also finished in 8th place in the men’s vault final.

The line-up for the women’s bars final was one of the strongest ever seen, including 2008 Olympic Champion He (CHN) and the 2012 all-around Olympic Champion, Douglas (USA). He (CHN) was up first, setting a high benchmark score of 15.933. When Beth came onto the podium the arena erupted, yet she looked calm and collected. She performed an excellent routine, linking all of her difficult connections with just a step back on her dismount to score 15.916 to take the BRONZE. The eventual winner was Mustafina (RUS) who put in an almost flawless performance to take the gold with 16.133.

In the men’s vault final, Kristian Thomas performed a fantastic double piked Yurchenko for his first vault to score 16.366 but unfortunately sat down his second- the handspring double front tucked- to score an average of 15.533 and place 8th.

Beth Tweddle MBE: “It’s the best feeling in the world to win the bronze medal, there was one point today I thought I’d end in 4th like in Beijing 08, so I’m really happy. This was the one medal missing from my collection; this is the one I really wanted. I tried to keep calm and do what I do best and the crowd were amazing, as soon as I walked into the arena it was incredible. I haven’t  made any future plans yet, I definitely won’t be in Rio but I’m happy to go home now and have a bit of a holiday and get back into the gym; if my hearts in it I will continue. I had a step on my dismount but at the end of the day I had to go for the difficult dismount to challenge for a medal. To be honest I could say ‘what if’ but I’m not disappointed in the slightest, any medal, any colour is what I always said I wanted, so I’m extremely happy.”

Amanda Reddin (Beth’s coach):  “It’s been a long four years for Beth, Its all she’s wanted and I’m really happy for her. It’s all due to the fabulous support from British Gymnastics and the National Lottery and now there is only one way to go and that’s forwards. She’s the only gymnast I’ve ever worked with that’s given 100% day in day out and I’m very proud she walked through my door all those years ago.”

2012 Olympic Games - Rhythmic Qualifications Day 2

Rhy web
Britain’s Francesca Jones finished 24th in the rhythmic gymnastics individual competition scoring 94.625 points.

The six time British champion excelled at Wembley Arena, embracing the crowd to produce a mainly stunning display over the two day qualification process which at one point saw her on track for GBR's highest ever Olympic placing, but was let down by mistakes in her final clubs routine.

Although the result wasn’t enough for her to make the top ten final, it is still considered a fine performance by Frankie who has proudly led the sport in Britain for the last decade. Following up from a very positive first day with the ball and hoop, which had her placed in 21st, Frankie continued to shine with a beautiful opening ribbon routine scoring her 23.900 but fell apart with the grand finale, the clubs, which began well but mid-way one club flew off the floor and she had to scramble to re-focus, pick up the reserve club, and finish for 21.975.

A tearful Frankie said "At the moment I'm just so sorry to have let everyone down with my last routine. The support has been beyond my imagination and to not quite do it for them is devastating for me. The Olympic experience has been unbelievable but at the moment I just want to say sorry to everyone."

Team GB’s rhythmic group of Rachel Smith, Louisa Pouli, Georgina Cassar, Francesca Fox, Jade Falkner and Lynne Hutchison, finished in 12th place after two fantastic performances. The Team GB group put in a superb display with their three ribbons and two hoops on the second day of qualifications, the crowd loved every minute of the spectacular performance which earned them 23.850 for total of 48.000 and 12th place. 

Again, although they did not do enough to make the final, the group really did themselves, the sport and the country proud with two fantastic routines as Britain’s first ever group at an Olympic Games.

Lynne Hutchison- group- "To strike that final pose and hear the crowd's reception was unbelievable and shows that all the months of hard work were worth it. We have proved we can compete on the same stage as these amazing groups and I really hope people have been inspired by what we've achieved."

Friday, 10 August 2012

2012 Olympic Games - Rhythmic Qualifications Day 1

On day one of the Rhythmic Gymnastics at Wembley Arena, the Team GB Rhythmic group of Louisa Pouli, Rachel Smith, Jade Falkner, Lynne Hutchison, Georgina Cassar and Francesca Fox finished in 11th with 24.150.

In the group competition, the first day of competition saw the 12 teams competing with five balls. The GB group, including Esprit's Jade Faulkner, looked confident with big smiles as they walked into the arena and their performance reflected this, they didn’t put a foot wrong and performed beautifully for 24.150 and 11th place on day 1.

GB group - Rachel Smith : "It's one of the best routines we've done and to do it out there as Britian's first ever Olympic group is amazing. The crowd were unbelievable and we just hope they enjoyed it as much as we did. It's our aim to get as many people as possible watching our sport and to raise the profile as much as we can during the Games."

Tomorrow (Friday 10th August), from 12pm, we will see Francesca Jones’s ribbon and club routines and the group will then perform their routine with three ribbons and two hoops on day 2 of qualifications.

Good luck girls, history has been made!

Monday, 6 August 2012


Article from British Gymnasts...pommel web

Team GB’s Louis Smith and Max Whitlock took SILVER and BRONZE in the men’s artistic pommel horse final; the first silver medal for GB in gymnastics since the 1908 London Games and the first silver individual apparatus medal in history.

Nineteen year old Max Whitlock stepped up fourth to compete amongst a strong field which saw him qualify down in eighth but with a clean slate in finals, he took the stage knowing anything was possible. Whitlock produced the routine of his life for 15.600 to put him into the lead half way through the final and he was only pushed down to third by Berki (HUN) the eventual winner and his teammate Smith.

With Louis Smith’s rival Berki (HUN) posting such a huge score of 16.066, Smith knew he needed to perform his most difficult routine to be in with a chance of winning the gold. With the entire crowd behind him, he did not disappoint and produced an almost flawless routine that was good enough to match his rival Berki (HUN). However, with tie breaking rules going down to execution, Smith 0.1 less than Berki, ended up with the silver.

Fantastic results, well done from everyone at Esprit!

Please share this!

Isn't it about time things changed? Share this if you agree!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

GB men make history again!

Team GB’s Kristian Thomas and Daniel Purvis finished a historic 7th and 13th in the men’s all-around final yesterday at the North Greenwich arena; the best results for Great Britain since bronze in the 1908 London Games. Well done from everyone at Esprit!

Esprit at EuroGym, Portugal

A chilly summers day in the UK before we left
Esprit's Display Team set off from Swindon at 6am for Gatwick for a flight to Porto on Saturday 14th July to represent Great Britain at the 8th Eurogym in Coimbra Portugal.

Sunday saw us at the opening ceremony and a long parade through the city before arriving  at the Stadium.

Coimbra, what a difference and how beautiful
On Monday morning we were City Orienteering and finding our way round, learning about some of the history of the area before our first performance at the Dolce Vita shopping centre in the afternoon, this is a 4 storey mall and Coimbra's 2nd largest shopping centre.  

Esprit and the rest of the GB delegation
The performance went down well, with passers by and delegations from other countries clapping and cheering very loudly. The girls then had some free time before supporting the City of Birmingham performance and a walk to the Stadium for a gala rehearsal before finishing at 11pm.

Elise carrying the flag
9am Tuesday saw us at a Capoeira workshop on a field before being transported to an assault course in army trucks for boot camp in 38 degree heat! 

There was time for a spot of lunch before another great performance outside the Santa Cruz Church in the centre of Coimbra.

On our way to Boot Camp!
It was then a short bus ride to the Stadium for another Gala rehearsal and yet another 11pm finish, phew!
Wednesday morning the girls had fun on pedalo's whilst Liz and myself relaxed, drank coffee and watched them all enjoy some well deserved free time.

In the evening they performed with the rest of the British delegation at the gala performance to over ten thousand people! The girls loved it and so did the audience.

Closing Ceremony
After an amazing night we were all up early again on Thursday at a Hip hop workshop which was great, before tumbling which was also fantastic.  

We then went to the stadium where the girls performed Hip Hop at the closing ceremony, where Elise proudly carried in the GB flag, before the farewell party.

There was a bit of T-shirt swapping with the French and the Portuguese before returning to the hostel to pack for our early morning start back to the UK.

It really was an amazing experience for the whole Great Britain delegation, including our Esprit gymnasts and we can't wait for EuroGym 2014 in Sweden.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

GB girls do a great job!

GB's Artistic girls couldn't quite emulate the stunning performance of the men's team yesterday, but they more than did themselves justice with a fantastic 6th place at the Olympic team final, their best ever Olympic team placing. Everyone at Esprit say's well done, we were all riveted to the TV watching your brilliant performances.

Can't wait for the all around and individual finals and then the Rhythmic girls, including Esprit's Jade Faulkner, next week!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Stunning men win Olympic Bronze!

After an impressive qualifying round GB's men's Artistic gymnasts put in a solid team performance to win a fabulous Bronze medal at the London Olympics. Well done from everyone at Esprit Gymnastics and good luck to the Women's team who go in the team final tonight - COME ON GB!!!!!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Good Luck girls!!!!

Good luck and big congratulations to Jade Faulkner and The GB rhythmic gymnastics group who are competing at the 2012 London Olympics! Have a fantastic time, we are all very proud of you!

What can you say except - WOW!

It's been a great start for GB at the Gymnastics, with both the men's and women's teams qualifying for the team finals. Some fabulous performances so far, with the 'Queen' of bars, Beth Tweddle scoring an amazing 16.133. See her routine here...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Laura & Deb at Olympic Ambitions Event!

Esprit coach Deb Hows and gymnast Laura Halford were honoured recently, by being invited to attend an Olympic Ambitions event at Loughborough University. The event aimed at inspiring future Olympians and coaches was a fantastic opportunity for Deb and Laura who have also been invited to spend 3 days at the games, starting this Saturday, where they will watch several different Olympic events.

See if you can spot them both?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

British Olympic Ambitions Programme

Laura Halford and Deb Hows have been announced as 2 of the 130 athletes and 56 coaches from across 44 (summer and winter) Olympic sports, who will participate in team GB’s Olympic ambition programme, during the London 2012 Olympic games.
The programme which is being supported by Proud Partner of London 2012, Lloyds TSB, which aims to give young talented British athletes and coaches a unique opportunity to experience the Olympic Games experience first hand.
The programme focuses on preparing the athletes and coaches to compete at the Sochi 2014 winter Olympics or the Rio 2016 Olympics.
 It aims to provide personal development and inspiration to the participants and produce a performance legacy for Team GB from the London 2012 Olympic games.
Deb and Laura travelled to the GB preparation camp at Loughborough and had an amazing 2 days, experiencing a multi-sport preparation environment and had the opportunity to talk with many past Olympians and learn from their experiences. 
They will now both spend time at the Olympics watching some events, as guests of the programme.
Congratulations Deb & Laura, a fantastic opportunity and brilliant achievement for Rhythmic gymnastics.

Bath Open 2012

Congratulations and well done to the following gymnasts who attended Bath open on 16th June and achieved the following results:

Lily Moore - 4th u8 Free Novice 1
Isabelle Trussell -  4th u8 Free Novice 2 and 3rd u8 Rope Novice 2
Abi Jae Booth - 4th u10 Free Novice 2 and 5th u10 Hoop Novice 2 
Daisy Rouse - 9th u10 Hoop Novice 2

Brilliant day girls, well done!
And a big thank you to Clarice and Micia for a very long day of judging.

English Championships 2012

Congratulations to the following gymnasts, who travelled to Birmingham to compete at the English Championships, after qualifying earlier this year.

Katy Coleman - u12 6th overall
Ellie Morse - Junior 7th overall
Gabriela Caruso – Junior 14th overall
Maya Lucas – Junior 9th overall
Fleur Randall – Junior 10th overall
Gemma Rand – Senior 5th overall
Micia Falaki - Senior 6th overall
Stephanie Sherlock - Senior 2nd overall to English Senior Champion.  A massive achievement in Stephs 1st year as a senior.

Stephanie also won silver in hoop, ball and clubs plus bronze in ribbon.

A big well done to all of the girls who produced some fantastic work and a big thank you to Cherie for giving up her whole day to coach!

Rose Cup - Northampton

Congratulations to the following gymnasts who all travelled to Northampton on 20 May 2012, to compete in the annual Rose Cup.
Isabelle Trussell (6th in free)
Abi–Jae Booth (5th in hoop)
Daisy Rouse (9th in hoop)
Jess Steele (1st in ball)
Alyssa Weymouth (6th ribbon 8th hoop)
Also, well done to Fleur Randall and Micia Falaki who were invited as guests to perform their routines.
Well done girls and thank you to Ellie and Maya for giving up their day to help.

Welsh National Championships 2012

Laura Halford travelled to Wales to compete in the Welsh Championships in her first year as a senior gymnast.
Laura came 2nd overall and 2nd in all four pieces, bringing home 5 silver medals.
The winner was Franky Jones who has been selected to compete in the 2012 Olympics as GB’s only individual rhythmic gymnast.
Brilliant result Laura – well done!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Canterbury Queens

It was yet another outstanding weekend for the 'Gym Queens' of Esprit recently, when the club's rhythmic gymnasts visited the annual Canterbury Cup.
At the overall 4-piece competition on Saturday 12 May, Katy Coleman (Under 12) won overall Silver, as did Maya Lucas (Junior) and Gemma Rand (Senior). Ellie Morse (Junior) came a creditable 5th overall, whilst Hannah Curtis (Senior) produced solid routines to win overall Bronze.
All 5 gymnasts qualified their 4 apparatus for the Individual finals on day 2.

The following day, Sunday 13 May, it was the individual apparatus finals and Katy Coleman reproduced some of her best work, for a Bronze in Rope, Silver in Hoop & Free and fantastic Gold in Ball.
Maya Lucas was 5th in Clubs before winning Bronze in Hoop and two Silver's in Ball & Ribbon.

Ellie Morse then came 5th in Hoop before securing three great Bronze medals in Ribbon, Ball & Clubs.
Gemma Rand doubled up on her medals with two Bronze in Ribbon & Clubs and another two Silver's in Hoop & Ball. 

Hannah Curtis then did the same with two Bronze in Hoop & Ball and two Silver's in Ribbon & Clubs.

At the Sunday Extravaganza, Esprit's other young gymnasts took to the floor and put in some memorable performances.
Isabelle Trussell - 5th Under 8 Free. Abi-Jae Booth - 15th Under 10 Hoop.
Madison Kennelly - 19th Under 10 Hoop.
Daisy Rowse - 22nd Under 10 Hoop.
Jess Steele - Gold, Under 12 Ball.
Alyssa Weymouth - Gold, Junior Ribbon.
Micia Falaki - Gold, Senior Clubs.
Amy Spencer/Hannah Dagg - 7th Under 10 Rope Duet.
Steff Vitalie-Richardson/Erin Robinson - Silver, Under 12 Rope Duet.
Elizabeth Walecki/Charlotte Leighfield - 4th Junior Clubs Duet.
Elise Gilbert/Clarice Saloyedoff - Gold, Senior Hoop Duet.Shanniah Stevens/Freya Cottrell/Hannah Grieg - 6th Under 10 Free Trio.
Carlissa Daniells/Miriam Rodrigues/Martha Strange - Gold, Under 12 Free Trio.
Ashleigh West/Lauren Hoard/Neve Prowting - Gold, Junior Hoop Trio.
Micia Falaki/Alicia Veveris/Elise Gilbert - Gold, Senior Ribbon Trio.
Esprit also won the Under 12, Junior & Senior Team Trophies to add to the clubs bulging trophy cabinet.

Congratulations must go to all the gymnasts who were great role models for the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics and a real credit to Esprit - Well done girls, you should all be very proud of your achievements!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Esprit welcomes Olympic Torch to Swindon!

"The most positive thing is seeing the contribution from groups, such as the gymnastics school, before the main event."

Just one of the great compliments we received from our display at Wharf Green, to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Swindon! It was a great day with massive crowds, some reports estimating it to be as many as 15,000.

It was impossible to get a great view to take video, so if anyone has a better copy than this one, let me know...

Monday, 21 May 2012

Walsall Wonders!

It was another great weekend for Esprit's gymnasts at the National Grades Finals, in Walsall, Birmingham recently.

Having qualified in Cardiff this March, the girls made the trip to Walsall on the 4 & 5th of May and produced some of their very best work.

The four girls, Jess Steele (Grade 7), Alyssa Weymouth (Grade 8), Fleur Randall (Grade 9) and Micia Falaki (Grade 10) all produced some truly great performances and had a fantastic competition.

Jess came 7th overall and was 14th in Free, 6th in Hoop and 6th in ball.
Alyssa was 8th with a very good 5th in Hoop, 9th in Ball, 4th in Clubs and 7th in Ribbon.

This left Fleur and Micia, who produced outstanding work to both claim Gold medals in their respective grade.

Fleur was 1st in Hoop, Ball and Clubs, which when combined with a silver in Ribbon won her the overall gold medal position. Whilst Micia claimed a Silver for Clubs and Bronze in Ball before winning back to back Gold medals with her Hoop and Ribbon to claim her own overall Gold medal.

These fantastic results now mean both Fleur and Micia qualify for the English Championships in June and have also been invited to compete at the British Championships later the same month.

A great weekend for all the girls, who must be congratulated for these outstanding results, but we must not forget Ellie and Hannah, who both gave up their entire weekend to help run the competition - well done all of you!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Travelling again!

Good luck to everyone in Esprit's Display Team who are maiking the long trip to Scotland today, to perform in the 2012 Scottish GymFest, have a great time girls!

Also, a big well done and good luck to all Esprit gymnasts competing in the National Grades Finals this weekend - go girls, we're sure you'll do great!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Esprit in great condition!

It was a great Sunday at Esprit, when it held it's first ever Conditioning Competition, for all squad gymnasts. Girls from both Artistic and Rhythmic disciplines took part and everyone threw themselves into the spirit of this fun event, making it very competitive, but enjoyable.

In each age group medals were awarded for flexibility and strength, with trophies to the winners of combined event.

Highlight of the day though was obviously the parents, who had their own competition, trying to do the same exercises as the gymnasts. They really threw themselves in to it all and we were all very impressed, with the effort anyway!

At least they all know now, how hard the gymnasts work at their conditioning and flexibility and just what makes them so good.

Another great event, well done to all those that took part and it looks like it will now become a regular feature.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thanks Mum!

Here's a great Olympic ad, not sure it will sell more stuff for P&G, but its a great way of showing just how special mum's are. Go to the Facebook page to say thanks to yours!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Think your too old for gymnastics?

Well this 86 year old lady stole the show at a recent gymnastic event in Germany! Pretty impressive eh? Thanks to Gemma for finding this for us.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Is this much fun even legal?

It was a great night last Saturday as the club made its long awaited trip to see Legally Blonde in the West End. A coach trip, made tolerable by a great driver and unexpectedly quiet traffic in London.

This was followed by a great meal at TGi Friday's and then something really exciting for a few of us.

Esprit gymnast Isabelle, with one of the stars of Legally Blonde - Georgie Ashford.
One of the shows stars, Georgie Ashford, who plays Gabby, a Delta Nu and understudy for Elle Woods, the lead, arranged for an exclusive backstage tour to show us just how everything worked.

It was amazing to see all the props, clothes and scenery and discover how it all comes together. We were all amazed by the small amount of space the cast, crew and orchestra had to work in and realised just how hard everyone must work backstage to make the show the incredible success it has been.

Isabelle & Georgie on Elle's balcony
After the tour everyone was buzzing and excited to see the show and that included Esprit coach, Courtney, who has to date seen the show an incredible ELEVEN times.

Curtain up was 7:30 and no one was to be disappointed, as the show was fantastic and very, very, very funny indeed, with the cast putting on a memorable performance. I'm sure everyone leaving the Savoy Theatre was humming at least one or more of the shows infectious tunes, even the dads.

It was then a quick trip to the stage door for autographs, to say well done to Georgie and other cast members, before jumping on the coach for the long haul back to the gym. 

It was well into Sunday before most got to bed, tired but happy and very probably still singing those catchy tunes in their sleep.

Esprit on TV!

Esprit were recently invited by film makers PodFilms to feature in a video trailer for a documentary about how the worlds supply of Helium is going to run out soon.

Coach Hannah Wickens proved the old magic was still there by showing off some great Giants and trampoline skills and club Chairman, Mark, did what he does best, sat down and talked!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

National Grades 2012 - Results

Held on the 25 March, in Wales, Esprit made the trip with a number of girls aiming to make Grades finals later in the year, or indeed the qualification mark required to enter this years British Championships.
Esprit has a good record at this prestigious event, so the pressure was on, but the girls, as usual, didn't disappoint, with some excellent scores.
Esprit's fantastic Grades gymnasts
It was, in particular, a great day for Jess Steele, Micia Falaki, Fleur Randall and Alyssa Weymouth, with all of them passing their grades and qualifying for grades finals later this year.

Equally impressive were Esprit's under 12 Group consisting of Miriam Rodrigues, Carlissa Daniels, Erin Robinson and Steff Vitalie Richardson, who won the under 12 free group competition outright, with some exceptional performances.
A first for Miriam, Carlissa, Erin & Steff!
British Champion Laura Halford, Maya Lucas, Steph Sherlock and Gemma Rand had already qualified for this years British, because of their GB ranking and or previous scores and as such didn't need to qualify. 
But for Katy Coleman, Gabriela Caruso, Ellie Morse and Hannah Curtis, they all achieved excellent scores which ensured they surpassed the required mark to qualify for this years British Championships in June/July.
Well done all of you, fantastic performances - well done!

Laura - Queen of the Wiltshire Life Awards

At the glittering Wiltshire Life awards evening, held in Marlborough Town Hall, on Thursday, March 22, Esprit's Laura Halford collected yet another award for her fantastic achievements.

It was the seventh annual awards evening, celebrating Wiltshire and its people, to be held by the magazine and Laura was nominated as Young Achiever of the Year, along with several other strong contenders.

But it was Laura who came out on top, with the judges voting her achievements the most outstanding of the year!

We already new that, but well done anyway Laura, you fully deserved the award. We'll post a link to the magazine once it has been published.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Esprit in the USA!

Fleur, Deb & Laura at Niagra.
Esprit have again been on their travels, this time to the Coaches Cup in Syracuse, America!

Head coach Deb Hows made the trip as traveling Judge, along with a party from Welsh Gymnastics and Esprit gymnasts, Welsh and GB International Laura Halford and Fleur Randall.

It was a fab trip, with great weather and some fantastic results for our girls. Laura was 6th in Hoop, 4th in Ball and was 6th overall against a very strong field from the American clubs. She was also awarded the title of 'miss tournament', by the event organisers.

Fleur also had a brilliant experience in her first overseas competition gaining valuable experience and the title, 'miss future hope'.

There was also the opportunity to pick up some great bargains at the local shopping mall and exciting trip to see the amazing Niagra Falls.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Another award for Esprit

Just back from Swindon's Pride of Swindon awards with yet more trophies for Esprit's bulging trophy cabinet.

That's right, up against several incredibly deserving teams, from across Swindon, Esprit won the Team of the Year award for its hard working and successful team of coaches, administrators, volunteers and fund-raisers.

Look out for coverage and pictures of the event in the Swindon Adver, Bev and coach Hannah, were interviewed, whilst looking their best when they collected the award on behalf of everyone at the club.

Well done to them and congratulations to the whole Esprit team, you fully deserve your award.

Esprit - The Pride of Swindon

Esprit are up for yet another award today and will be attending Swindon's Steam Museum for the awards ceremony at 1:30 today. 

Up for Team of the Year, some of the clubs coaches will be attending the event to represent all the hard work everyone at the club has put in to make Esprit one of the very best gymnastic clubs in the Country.

In the last year alone Esprit has seen its membership grow to more than 700 which is down to the great coaching team and range of gymnastic disciplines, that are designed to bring out the champion in every child.

But we really couldn't have done it without you, our gymnasts and fantastic parents, so thank you for helping Esprit become a club that Swindon can truly be proud.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Esprit goes Stateside

Good luck to Head coach Deb along with Laura and Fleur, who yesterday flew to Syracuse in NY State, USA to compete in the Coaches Cup. They will be there for a week competing, but will hopefully get a little time off to do some sightseeing and visit the nearby Niagara Falls.

Have a great trip the three of you and good luck!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Display Team go to Basildon!

On Saturday 10th March 2012 thirty three members of the Esprit Display Team traveled to Basildon Sporting Village in Essex to represent Esprit at the Great British Gymfusion event, with their specially choreographed performance of Tron.  

The team did a great job for their first outing of the season and the teams new members were fantastic!
It was definitely good practice for the Scottish Gymfest which takes place on the 4th, 5th and 6th May.
Other display where the Esprit Display Team will perform this year, include The Olympic Torch Ceremony in Swindon on 23rd May and Eurogym, Coimbra Portugal in July.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Laura's a real picture!

Following the great news about Esprit gymnast Jade Faulkner's qualification to the London Olympics, another of the clubs star gymnasts, reigning Junior British Champion Laura Halford, was invited to a professional photo shoot today.

She made the trip with Esprit's head coach, Deb Hows to have her photograph taken for the official Olympic souvenir programme, which will be available at the games.

It's great news for Laura to have been selected and of course the club who will be represented at the 2012 London games by Deb, as an official working in the gymnastics hall, Jade a competitor in the group competition and now Laura in the souvenir programme.

What a great week for the club and the sport of rhythmic gymnastics, we will post photographs as soon as we can.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Joy as gym team gets Olympic nod

Published in the Swindon Advertiser - March 6, 2012

Jade Faulkner in the air during a performance of the British Gymnastic Rhythmic Group
Jade Faulkner in the air during a performance of the British Gymnastic Rhythmic Group
A TEENAGER from Swindon cried tears of joy yesterday after receiving the news that her rhythmic gymnastics team will be allowed to make history at the 2012 Olympics.

Jade Faulkner, 18, had been waiting anxiously for a decision over whether the squad should have been excluded for taking three days instead of two to reach a qualifying standard at a test event.

The team easily achieved the score but British Gymnastics, the sport’s governing body, refused to nominate them for the Games, and the team appealed to an arbitrator.

Jade’s father Roger, 55, said: “It’s fantastic. Jade was pretty emotional and there were a few tears when she heard. They train 42 hours a week and deserve to be on the international scene. It’s a great feat for a teenager to accomplish.

Jade will be the first gymnast from Swindon to compete in the group event and the squad will be the first ever British competitors to take part.

At the weekend the team registered a score of 49.88 at a competition in Sweden – way above the Olympic qualifying standard of 45.223.

Mr Faulkner, from South Marston, said: “They have been competing against teams who have been eating, breathing and working together for years. I just hope she gets there without any injuries. It will be pretty emotional to see her taking part.”

Deb Hows, head rhythmic gymnastics coach at Esprit Swindon, where Jade’s talent was nurtured, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic news, we’re over the moon. The improvement they have made in the last six months has been staggering and it goes without saying that they deserve a place at the Olympics.”

Jade and her six team-mates attended a meeting at their Bath training base yesterday, where they were told by their legal representative that they had won the appeal.

British Gymnastics had told them they had fallen short of the selection target on the opening two days of a test event held at the O2 Arena in January. They achieved it on day three, but the body refused to put them forward.

The squad took their case to arbitration on the grounds that they had never been told about the time limit.

The gymnasts will now be nominated to the British Olympic Association, with selection virtually assured to the 550-strong GB squad.

British Gymnastics’ chief executive officer Jane Allen said in a statement: “British Gymnastics respects the rights of its athletes to appeal selection procedure. We were confident that we had put in place a transparent, fair and equitable selection policy and associated qualifying score to allow a rhythmic group to self-determine their nomination to the BOA and subsequent participation in the London 2012 Olympic Games.”