Thursday, 18 November 2010

Welsh Wonders!!!!

Ashleigh West, Alyssa Weymouth, Fleur Randall, Elizabeth Walecki & Lauren Hoard all travelled to the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff on Sunday 7 November.

The Esprit girls were invited to participate in the Welsh Group Invitational event, against other clubs from Wales and England, in the Under 13 hoop group and after performing an exceptional routine were delighted to discover they had won.

Their performance scored a very impressive 30.34 for the Gold medal position, with the Silver medal position 4.22 marks behind on 26.12.

Coach Cherie Skeats (pictured with the girls) was delighted with their performance and the professional way they went about their performance.

Well done all of you, the club is extremely proud and you and Cherie.