Thursday, 18 February 2010

Off to the Celtic Cup!

It's a case of two of Esprit's English Roses up against our own little Welsh Dragon this weekend!

Three of Esprit's Rhythmic Gymnasts - 3x British Champion Laura Halford has been selected to represent Wales and she is up against World Championship competitor Jade Faulkner and debutee young Ellie Morse, who have both been selected for England in this four nations clash at the Welsh Institute of Sport on Sunday 21 Feb.

Well done girls, we're sure you'll all do your countries and your club proud!

Friday, 5 February 2010

In the news again

The Swindon Adver has spotted we're up to something here at Headlands and published a story about our new home. See it here...

Nice story and great way of announcing our arrival at Headlands. As soon as the building work is finished we'll have an 'official' opening and invite them along to see how brilliant our new home really is.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Moving pics 2

Here's the second installment of moving pics, this time showing just a small amount of the work moving in to Headlands. Once again, thanks to Hannah & Kirsty for use of their extensive range of Facebook pictures!

Moving pics

To give everyone some idea of what we have achieved so far, here are a few pics of the work done moving out of the io Centre. Most of the pics are of Hannah & Kirsty, but hey, they did spend their entire Christmas helping and it was their camera!!!

The big move

Well we're in and the gym's are working great. The gymnasts are having a great time and showing massive improvements already.

There have been a few moans from a couple of parents, because they can't get a coffee!!!! Honestly guys, think about what has been achieved here, with just a few coaches and a couple of fantastic parents, who worked tirelessly all over Christmas to make sure your children had two fantastic gym's to work in. The new place is fantastic and set to get even better as the ongoing building work is completed.

Just look at the place!