Wednesday, 6 January 2010

D Day approaches

It's good to be back, hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to to Happy New Year!

We managed a couple of day's off over the festive season, but most of the last month has been spent moving out of the io centre, turning it back to a warehouse, then moving all the equipment into our new home at Headlands.

Classes are due to start on Monday 11 January and as long as the council live up to their promises and make sure the 'toilets have water', we'll be on time and raring to go.

I must admit even though there is still a lot to do and lots more equipment to buy, it does look fantastic, with loads more room, a massive car park and generally better training environment. we're sure everyone will love it and hope you will all help us make Esprit the best Gymnastics club in the country.

We have some great pictures of the move, which will be posted here as soon as Kirsty and Hannah let me have them! I also want to say a great big thank you for everyone who helped with the move. There are too many to mention individually, but Phil Coleman, Dave Read and Andrew Veveris deserve a special mention, as the move would never have happened without them.

Coach Kirsty has been an absolute star, coming in every day to help, even though she could have been enjoying a well deserved break, as was Hannah who was with her much of the time. Over the last week both have managed to put more paint on themselves than the walls, but they do seem to have enjoyed themselves, getting messy, and are looking forward to seeing everyone again from 11 Jan.

See you all soon!