Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Wiltshire Grades - May 2108

May saw nine of Esprit’s young Artistic gymnasts make the trip to Wiltshire School of Gymnastics in Melksham, for the Wiltshire Grading competition.
Libby, Sayuri, Graeci, Katie, Tamsin, Lucie-May, Kaitlyn and Maria competed in the Wiltshire Grade 4 category and all passed with an outstanding Highly commended.
In addition, Graeci was 3rd overall, with Maria a short way behind in 5th place.
Ellie-Mae competed in the Pre Level section and again passed, as well as achieving 3rd place overall.
Well done to all the girls and of course to their excellent coaches.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Well done to all of the Rhythmic gymnasts who recently competed at the Welsh open, on 19th and 20th May.
Congratulations to all of the girls on their performances and great results
Level 1 - u10 Free (Open)
1st - Mandipa
2nd -Inez
3rd Scarlett
Level 5 - u12 - All Around
2nd - Eirlys
Level 4 - u10 Free
1st - Isabella
4th - Tilly
7th - Amelie
Level 4 - u10 Rope
1st - Isabella
3rd - Tilly
6th - Amelie
Level 4 u12 Ball
4th - Cara
5th - Alisa
9th - Arabella
Level 4 - u12 Clubs
1st - Alisa
2nd - Cara
Level 4 u12 Ribbon
6th - Arabella
Level 5 - u12 Free
2nd - Eirlys
Level 5 - u12 Ball
2nd - Eirlys
Level 5 - u12 Clubs
2nd - Eirlys
Level 5 - u12 ribbon
3rd - Eirlys

Friday, 18 May 2018

Rhythmic Rose Cup - Northampton

Massive congratulations to all of the gymnasts selected to represent Esprit at the recent Rhythmic, Rose Cup in Northampton.
All of the girls performed great routines and it was a really amazing weekend, well done ladies.
Level 1 U8 Free - 1st - Scarlett; 2nd - Inez; 4th - Mandi.
Level 4 U10 Free - 1st - Isabella; 3rd - Eloise; 5th - Amelie ; 6th - Tilly.
Level 4 U10 Rope- 2nd - Isabella; 3rd - Eloise ; 5th - Amelie ; 6th - Tilly.
Level 4 U12 Ball - 1st - Alisa ; 4th - Cara ; 8th - Arabella.
Level 4 U12 Clubs - 1st - Cara; 2nd - Alisa.
Level 4 U12 Ribbon - 4th - Arabella.
Also, well done to Isabella who was presented with an award for “most potential for the future”.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Stephani Sherlock - 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Congratulations to Esprit’s Stephani, for representing England at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.
Also to Ruth for coaching the England team - safe travels home ladies!
A Massive well done to Steph for qualifying for the all around finals and brilliant 14th place.
Here at Esprit we are all so proud of you both!
Deb and the team

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Good luck Stephani

Good luck to Stephani and the whole team representing England at the Gracia Cup in Budapest. 

Have a great competition Stephani, Mimi, Hannah, and Alida

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Stephani selected for Team England - 2018 Commonwealth Games

Massively proud of Esprit's Stephani Sherlock, who has been selected to represent England at the Commonwealth Games in Australia this year.
Good luck to the whole England team!
From Deb and the coaching team


Thursday, 30 November 2017

National Rhythmic Group League

Following qualification at a seeding event in March, four of our groups qualified to compete in the National and Elite group leagues. 

After competing in all three rounds and medalling at British Championships in July, the final round saw some impressive performances from Esprit’s gymnasts.

The Espoir National Group of Jenna Saunders, Zofia Pisarek, Grace Hatherall and Tilly Kinge took 2nd place. 

Esprit’s Elite Espoir Group of Eden Beckhelling, Jessica Jane Edmonds, Lorena Crossman and Olivia Morris came 4th.

The Junior Group of Madison Kennelly, Hannah Dagg, Abi Booth, Lily Gage, Georgette Jeapes and Miriam Rodrigues were 3rd.

The Senior Group consisting of Ellie Morse, Katy Coleman, Erin Robinson, Stefanie Vitale Richardson and Maya Lucas further impressed with an excellent 1st place.